Hello, neighbors! The creation of this blog post will mark my 3,001st edit on this wiki! To celebrate, I have made a picture featuring my picks for a zombie apocalypse team!

Here you go!

IMCR8Z's Zombie Apocalypse Team

Here it is!

And I'm gonna go ahead and tell who they are (in order):

Team Leader: Mandy (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

  • Reason: Do I need to say why?

Brawler: Louis (Left 4 Dead)

  • Reason: Pills here!

Weapons Expert: Postal Dude (Postal 2)

  • Reason: He has quite a bit of experience with a lot of different weapons, from shotguns to rocket launchers and even throwing scissors. Second, he can pee on fires to put them out in seconds. Plus, in the Apocalypse Weekend expansion pack, he ends up fighting zombies with a sledgehammer, a machete, and even a scytche! Lastly he knows that, in his own words, "Guns don't kill people, I DO!". Postal 2 is a great game, it's on Steam right now and I recomend it if you can handle some rather offensive material.

Brains: Engineer (Team Fortress 2)

  • Reason: He solves practical problems!

Medic: Medic (Team Fortress 2)

  • Reason: He has "Medic" in his name, 'nuff said.

Speed Fighter: Doomguy (Doom series)

  • Reason: He's fought countless demons, so zombies shouldn't be much of a problem.

Mascot: Do I have to tell you?


Guy who dies first: Finn (Adventure Time)

  • Reason: I hate Adventure Time.

Want to make your own?

If you want to make your own picture just like that one, there's a base for the image below. Post your choices in the comments. Have fun!

My Zombie Apocalypse Team Base

Here's a template for making a zombie apocalypse team.