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    I'm REALLY Done!

    December 8, 2016 by IMCR8Z

    Yep, you read it correctly, folks. This is the end of the CR8Z Era for the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki. With the fact I've been chatbanned YET AGAIN and all the meaningless drama going on around the Wiki whenever it feels like, I think it's for the best that I move on. And not just for one day like last time I tried leaving, more like FOREVER. This is the end of the road, people.

    I'm sorry for every rude thing I've done, but it's about time (no pun intended) I pack up my junk and get outta here before the whole Wiki falls apart.

    SEE YA!



    Cause of leaving the Wiki: Argument over the Festive Edition for GW2. Gosh I'm pathetic.

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  • IMCR8Z

    Oh, howdy, neighbors! I just made this blog to let people know that I HAVE PRE-ORDERED GARDEN WARFARE 2! Specifically, I got the D-LUX Edition on PC, so in turn I had to make an Origin account so I could play the game. So, if you're getting GW2 on PC and need an ally in the battle for Zomburbia, go ahead and add me to your friends list.

    Username is "IMCR8Z"

    Creative, ain't it?

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  • IMCR8Z

    Seeing as how ShroomstagramUser made a Goosebumps world idea recently, I figured now would be a better time than ever to make a Star Wars world idea. That, and it seems like the most likely crossover PvZ would do seeing as how EA is the current publisher of Star Wars games (namely the Old Republic MMO and the new Battlefront) and they also own PopCap, I don't see what's stopping them from making stuff like this.

    Yeah, I know it doesn't really fit with the game's time travel theme, but what the heck I'm gonna do it anyway.

    Note that I'm gonna go in greater detail for the abilities of plants and zombies in this world idea than in the past. You have been warned!

    Based on: In case you've been living under a rock, Mos Eisley is a spaceport town on…

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  • IMCR8Z

    Yeah, I have no idea why I don't wait until finishing the previous world idea before going on to another, either.

    Based on: As the name suggests, Zomburbia starts 3 days after Crazy Dave ate the taco, allowing the zombies to take over Suburbia. As such, it takes the appearence of a ruined version of the present-day front lawn, with statues and posters of Dr. Zomboss all around the background. On the zombies' side of the screen, the Z-Tech factory from Garden Warfare 2's first Graveyard Ops gameplay trailer can be seen in place of the trailer normally placed in front of the player's house.

    World-specific mechanic #1: Being based on Garden Warfare, the world-specific mechanic of Zomburbia is Gardens and Graveyards. Gardens and Graveyards come i…

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  • IMCR8Z

    Howdy again, neighbors! Yep, I did it again.

    • Iliketrains455 for the almanac entries of Flag Thug, Conehead Thug, Buckethead Thug, Super Gargantuar, and Professor Imp.

    Based on: The Golden Age of Comics, besides having the longest world name ever, obviously takes place during the "Golden Age" of comics in the 1950s. In particular, it's on a roof of a building being robbed by super-powered zombies. The world also has a very bright color palette for the background, looking like an old comic book panel, complete with the white border around it.

    World-specific mechanic 1: Being on a rooftop, you'll need Flower Pots to plant on the soil-free ground. Thankfully, there's no more nasty slope to force you to use lobbed-shot plants.

    World-specific mechan…

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