Peashooter: Aahhhh! Another day of fighting the Zombies...

Sunflower: You don't say..

Chomper: You guys are lucky I'm on your side, otherwise youd be owned by now!

Cherry Bomb: What were you saying punk?ou

Chomper: Oh nothing! Just that im the best on the team.

Potato Mine: You think YOUR the best on the team? I only cost 25 sun, yet I can own all the Zombies here!

Wall Nut: Well, you guys are superior to Cob Cannon..

Snow Pea: That's final guys! I'm going!

Chomper: So am I!

Peashooter: Man, they don't know what they're talking about.

Sunflower: Ummm, Peashooter, the Zombies are approaching!

Wall Nut: I'll distract them while you get ready!

Zombie: I just can't wait anymore to get the brains!

Wall Nut: Halt! You guys aint going anywhere!

Conehead: You and what army?

Potato Mine: Me!

Sunflower: Me!

Peashooter: Me!

Cherry Bomb: Me!

Wall Nut: Me!

Zombie: And us Zombies?

Conehead: Me!

Buckethead: Me!

Zombie: Me! 

Peashooter: You guys should give up now while your at it, cause your about to get a beatdown!

Zombie: Come at us then!

Sunflower: HOLD IT!! I don't approve of this violence!

Cherry Bomb: Don't sweat it, Sunflower we got this!

Three Minutes Later....

Zombie: We surrender!

Peashooter: We thought so.... Let's go....