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No Plants? No Problem

pretty simple.

try finishing Survival Hard : Day,Night,Pool,Fog and Roof but making sure you always begin every round with an empty lawn. meaning you remove everything before the end of every two flags and begin the next round with an entirely empty lawn.

  • you must remove everything except lily Pads and Flowerpots before the end of every two waves
  • just make a screenshot on how your lawn looks like when the text " More Zombies Approaching " appear every two flags ( few seconds before a round ends ) so that we can see what plants were on the seed packet and the lawn must be empty ( Lily Pads and flowerpots are acceptable )
  • you may remove all flowerpots and lilypads for a much more challenging feel
  • instants that are activated and is left activating before the round ends( awakened doom shroom, squash about to attack, ice shroom active, cherry bomb about to explode etc. etc.) are acceptable.
  • no hacks please
  • have fun :)

this idea came from one of my best friends in the world

and i will dedicate this to her

No Plants? , No Problem ( Instants Version )
thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|right
thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|right


i would like to see other versions that involve usage of verious combinations of plants that can be used in order to be able to do the " No Plants?, No Problem. " Strategy. have fun :)

"creativity comes from constraint"-adopted

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