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  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on June 3
  • I am Male
  • Hitoridakeno

    is it possible to finish Survival Pool Hard without sunflowers?

    no cheats please

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  • Hitoridakeno

    is there really a jack-immune spot?

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  • Hitoridakeno

    No Plants? No Problem

    October 7, 2011 by Hitoridakeno

    pretty simple.

    try finishing Survival Hard : Day,Night,Pool,Fog and Roof but making sure you always begin every round with an empty lawn. meaning you remove everything before the end of every two flags and begin the next round with an entirely empty lawn.

    • you must remove everything except lily Pads and Flowerpots before the end of every two waves
    • just make a screenshot on how your lawn looks like when the text " More Zombies Approaching " appear every two flags ( few seconds before a round ends ) so that we can see what plants were on the seed packet and the lawn must be empty ( Lily Pads and flowerpots are acceptable )
    • you may remove all flowerpots and lilypads for a much more challenging feel
    • instants that are activated and is left activating…
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  • Hitoridakeno

    After a very long time . almost a year and probably a few months

    i was somehow able to finish something in my life that i had planned .. ( hell yeah i did planned to reach 15k because i saw some Screenie of someone who reached 15k too ) but Sunflower Power Series was not really meant to show how many flags i can go ~

    the videos were made by me and most of the videos are simply some of the pre-recorded videos that i picked just to be able to tell a story probably because i hate everyone around me . yeah i do hate everyone . i do hate the world and if i were to find ways i was able to blow it all on those zombies on survival endless. i hate everyone i hate the world around me but at the same time i love them because i still has hope that i cou…

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