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(Custom World) Jurrasic Jungle

Hey guys :D this is a custom world/time period i made for PVZ 2 called Jurrasic Jungle! The world is pretty self-explanatory, it takes place in dino-times. The unique thing about this world is that this world is that certain plots are Jurrasic leaves, that if planted on, at a random moment, they'll fall taking the plant with them.


Venus Zombie-Trap: Cost 150 sun; Stands still with it's mouth wide-open. Thrown zombies/falling/flying zombies will be eaten instantly, walking zombies will get chomped, Gargantuars and dino-zombies will be eaten whole, but the plant will disappear.

Carnifer: Cost 200 sun; Is the height of a Tall-nut and when zombies stop to munch it, they get damged by it spikes. Has the health of an Infi-Nut, and stuns dino-zombies.

Fern- Cost 175 sun; Plant it on top of the jurrasic leaves, and your plant will not fall, and stays their until crushed; and prevents fire.

Grape Cluster: Cost 75 sun; Once planted, it explodes, but the grapes travel in all directions (Star-Fruit directions) and will explode on contact, or after a few seconds.

Vine Whip- Cost 25 sun; Plant it on a zombie and it'll wrap itself around the zombie, killing it instantly.

Poison Ivy- Cost 225 sun; Like a Spikeweed except once a plant steps on it, they gain poison, which will slowly damage a zombie, only flying can avoid it.

Aspearagus- Cost 125 sun; Shoots stalks from long range, does extra damage is the stalk enters a Torchwood; also deals extra damage to dino-zombies.

Banazooka- Cost 500 sun; Takes up 2 plots, and you must click on it to fire a huge banana straight ahead killing all zombies (except for the obvious zombies) in a 3x3 radius.

Umbrella Leaf- You must buy for $2.99; blocks imps from going into your defenses, and also stops Bug-Bot Swarms.


Caveman Zombie: Basically a regular zombie

Conehead Caveman: Basically a Conehead Zombie

Buckethead Caveman: Basically a Buckethead Zombie

Flag Caveman: Signals the next "Jurassic" wave.

Gargantuar Caveman: Uses a giant wooden club and throws Pterodactyl Imp

Pterodactyl Imp: An Imp that flies across the skies on a Zombie Pterodactyl (Basically a Balloon Zombie;except slower)

Fire Caveman: Has a torch; It sets one-lane on fire, making all zombies on that lane go faster (the fire can be taken out with Fern or Iceburg Lettuce).

Dino-Rider: A Caveman Zombie riding a Zombie Velociraptor, it's really quick, and takes out plants twice as fast.

Paleontologist Zombie: Walks super slow; Throws fossils which summon Zombie Dilophosaurus

Zombie Dilophosaurus: Walks regular speed; Stops moving and fires ink which stop plants from firing; Has low health.

Feathered Dino-Zombie: Starts off flying in the air slowly hovering over plants, then eventually lands and begins to increase speed.

Stegosaurus Zombie: Is slow, but has really high health (the same as a Gargantuar Prime).

T-Rex Zombie: Walks at normal speed; Will instantly eat a zombie in one bite, but will die if it eats Carnifer (has the same health of a Gargantuar).

Zombot Dino-9000: Zomboss comes in, in a robotic Brachiosaurus (huge long-necked dino); Special: Spins in a circle, goin directly to your plants, swinging its tails, blowing away all plants.


Survival Endless will be called "Extreme Extinction"

Special/Unique level: Volcanic Explosion: A volcano could be seen in the background exploding, volcanic rocks will fall onto the level, killing any plants and zombie in its way.

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