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February 28, 2014
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  • Henry.l.villelas

    Hey guys :D this is a custom world/time period i made for PVZ 2 called Jurrasic Jungle! The world is pretty self-explanatory, it takes place in dino-times. The unique thing about this world is that this world is that certain plots are Jurrasic leaves, that if planted on, at a random moment, they'll fall taking the plant with them.

    Venus Zombie-Trap: Cost 150 sun; Stands still with it's mouth wide-open. Thrown zombies/falling/flying zombies will be eaten instantly, walking zombies will get chomped, Gargantuars and dino-zombies will be eaten whole, but the plant will disappear.

    Carnifer: Cost 200 sun; Is the height of a Tall-nut and when zombies stop to munch it, they get damged by it spikes. Has the health of an Infi-Nut, and stuns dino-zombi…

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