Please don't go haywire on the categories. Certain categories don't require so many pages and some don't deserve pages at all.

The categories "Vasebreaker" and "I, Zombie" should be used sparingly and only include pages relevant to them, like "Puzzle Mode" or "Vasebreaker Endless". Do not add any plant or zombie page to them.

The category "Zen Garden" should only include pages relevant, like "Zen Garden Marigold" or "Fertilizer". Do not add any plant page to them. And don't add the page Marigold to this category. It already has an acceptable derivative.

Do not add pages to more than one of these categories: Day, Night, Pool, Fog, Roof. Either the pages are relevant to one of these areas or they are not unique to any area.

Do not add categories to the pages Plants, Gallery of Plants, or Imitater if they do not comply to all of the plants. Peashooters don't shoot spores. Sunflowers don't explode. Cherry Bombs don't light peas on fire. Only add categories that actually hold true to all 48 different plants. Same is true for the pages Zombies and Gallery of Zombies.

Do not add categories to themselves. It's a recursive, unnecessary action. Of course it applies to itself; its content describes itself.

Do not add pages to these categories:

"Plants in Badges" & "Zombies in Badges". Frankly, no one cares whether or not these plants or zombies are featured in badges. We are an Encyclopedia, not a gaming website.

"Suicide Zombies". Only two zombies fit in this category and it is unnecessary.

"Zombies That Have A Giga Form". No one cares if they have a giga form or not...

"Lawnmowers". This category is completely ridiculous and not helpful to readers.

"Miscellanous". First of all, it's misspelled. Second of all, there is already a category for that: Content.

"Explosive Plants". We know they explode. Why should we state the obvious?

"One-Use Plants". All of these plants are Instant Kills.

"Category:Spore-shooting Plants". All of these "plants" are .

"Zombies with X toughness". That means low, medium, or high. Seriously, who cares how many hits they take? An experienced Zombie Killer knows exactly how many hits they take. No one needs to know their general endurance when the exact number is shown on their articles.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.