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  • Gregory Exploit

    O hi, so I'm finally back.

    It's been many years since Plants vs. Zombies came out, and I'm sure that all of you must've beaten the game at least 10 times apiece. There's not much challenge left, except to ace the Endless modes and replay Adventure over and over again. There's also achievements and the Facebook variant, but many of you agree that Plants vs. Zombies has become a bit... boring.


    You see, if you replay adventure mode, Crazy Dave chooses seeds for you. Sometimes, it's a welcome change (using Kernel-pult, Spikeweed, and Wall-nut on a Pool level? No problem! Just choose Sunflower, Lily Pad, and Cob Cannon!); but occasionally, Crazy Dave chooses some of the worst plants possible (Marigold, Pumpkin, and Tall-nut on a Fog level? No…

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  • Gregory Exploit

    I've been experimenting with Survival Hard strategies recently (since Survival: Endless is not a frontier topic). Out of boredom, here's an extremely weird, asymmetrical strategy for Survival: Roof (Hard). O_o

    It's only a test, and obviously a wave of Zombonis is a guaranteed loss. But this set-up can withstand a barrage of Catapult Zombies, Gargantuars, and Football Zombies.

    What did you think? Do you have any suggestions? :)

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    Categories 2

    March 15, 2012 by Gregory Exploit

    Seeing as how my last blog post was ignored by a certain user, I've turned achievements off temporarily. It will be back soon. Sorry about the inconvenience. :)


    Okay, achievements are now enabled. :D


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    March 11, 2012 by Gregory Exploit

    Please don't go haywire on the categories. Certain categories don't require so many pages and some don't deserve pages at all.

    The categories "Vasebreaker" and "I, Zombie" should be used sparingly and only include pages relevant to them, like "Puzzle Mode" or "Vasebreaker Endless". Do not add any plant or zombie page to them.

    The category "Zen Garden" should only include pages relevant, like "Zen Garden Marigold" or "Fertilizer". Do not add any plant page to them. And don't add the page Marigold to this category. It already has an acceptable derivative.

    Do not add pages to more than one of these categories: Day, Night, Pool, Fog, Roof. Either the pages are relevant to one of these areas or they are not unique to any area.

    Do not add categories t…

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    November 30, 2011 by Gregory Exploit

    Hi everyone!
    has some very cool challenges on his blog. Here's my attempt to mimic that.

    • Destroy a Zomboni using a rake. A winner has been declared.
    • Defeat a Conehead Zombie using 28 Ice-shrooms. (You may use Last Stand.) A winner has been declared.
    • Complete Beghouled without upgrading or losing any plants. A winner has been declared.
    • Finish It's Raining Seeds without a single Lawn Mower or Pool Cleaner left onscreen. A winner has been declared.
    • Kill a Bungee Zombie using only Kernel-pults.
    • Hypnotize three Flag Zombies, all in the same level. A winner has been declared.
    • Have your brains eaten by a Flag Zombie. A winner has been declared.
    • Finish Pogo Party without using catapult plants or mushrooms and without losing a single Lawn Mower. A winner has been …

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