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    Legends of Magic

    April 26, 2014 by Grc2003

    New game: Your are a wizard/witch and you get to use cool stuff against enemies.  Have fun!

    You select a level you want to play, and I'll tell you what enemies are in that level.  You can use different spells and potions, either on yourself or against enemies.  You can use one potion and one spell per turn.  Also, there are bosses which give you a Maganium Crystal when you defeat them, which can be used to power infinity machines.  When an infinity machine is fully powered, it unlocks a bonus area, with only 4 normal levels and 1 boss level.  All normal areas have 9 normal levels and 1 boss level.  Some attacks have a charge-up of 2 to 5 turns.  You have 100 health.  There is a crafting element.  When you defeat enemies, they drop items.  Y…

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  • Grc2003

    In this game, you battle other players.  Choose a side, plants or zombies.  Then, battle.  You can unlock more plants/zombies over time, but you have five to start off.  A new plant and a new zombie is unlocked every time we get two new players on both sides.

    Each plant and zombie has four abilities: two offensive abilities, one support move, and the Plant Food/Brain ability.  (In this game, Brains are the zombie version of Plant Food.  Plant Food/Brains are given when a plant/zombie defeats three zombies/plants without being defeated.)  Some moves require a charge of two to five turns.  While charging up, you cannot attack, but the attack you're charging is often powerful, and sometimes deals massive damage, which is 250.  Sometimes moves …

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