I just came up with an idea for a Variant for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and I'm looking for feedback and possibly suggestions on how to improve it. It is a variant of the Scientist Zombie called "the Zookeeper". I'll explain.


The Zookeeper Zombie started out cleaning up after elephants at the circus, but no more! Now he's cleaning up after elephants at the zoo! He's moving on up in this crazy world, makin' it big! Well, not really, but it provides him with plenty of ammunition, but one must wonder what good it does to shoot manure at plants.

Basic Appearance


This outfit

The Zookeeper would have an outfit very similar to the illustration on the right, but minus the hat and with the word "ZOO" written on the front of the shirt. He would have a small cloud of dust around him, a la Pigpen from Peanuts. His uniform would have animal claw marks and slashes in it, implying the zombie isn't too good at his vocation.

Primary Weapon

The Zookeeper's primary weapon is a variation of the Goo Blaster called the Manure Blaster (was tempted to go with Poo Blaster, but decided against it). The Manure Blaster has a decent rate of fire, slightly higher than that of the normal Goo Blaster. The weapon fires ball of...ahem, manure (whatever word you wish to use) that inflicts splash damage on-hit. As a bonus, the Manure Blaster ammo (dubbed Manure Balls, as the word "manure" will replace the word "poop" in this) slows down opponents slightly, similar to ice-themed variants like the Ice Pea and the Arctic Trooper. Instead of being frozen, the effect would manifest itself as a cloud of dust and flies surrounding the plant, similar to the one the Zookeeper possesses.


To compensate for the Zookeeper's impressive Manure Blaster, his running speed is reduced. His health remains 100.

Weapon Upgrades

Like all characters, the Zookeeper has three upgrades.

Extra Oily!

Extra rhino grease in the loady thingamabob reduces reloading times.

Heavy-Duty Clean-Up Bag

New Heavy-Duty Zomboss-brand Elephant Clean-Up Bags are stronger than the leading brand, increasing ammunition capacity!

Fake Rocks

Fake zoo rocks encased in manure make for harder-hitting projectiles, and the best part? They look like real rocks!