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Ranking All The Plants

This blog is my rankings for all the Plants in the Plants vs. Zombies game. I've ranked all the plants (except for Imitater which IMO is not really a plant) on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 meaning a plant I really like and 1 being a plant I really dislike.

  • Peashooter: 6/10. It's an important plant in the early Adventure Mode levels, but later on it becomes totally obselete. In fact as soon as you get the Repeater in Level 1-9 you don't need Peashooters anymore.
  • Sunflower: 9.5/10. Sunflowers are an essential plant for daytime levels or else you can't get any sun to plant other plants. Enough said.
  • Cherry Bomb: 8.5/10. Cherry Bombs are great for emergencies, as they can kill a large number of zombies. However, the more skilled you are the less dependent you are on them.
  • Wall-nut: 6.5/10. Wall-nuts are very important for stalling powerful zombies, but they become obselete later on because Tall-nuts have twice the HP and they can stop vaulting zombies, and Pumpkins have the same HP and don't take up an extra space.
  • Potato Mine: 8/10. In daytime levels they're a very cheap way to kill zombies early in the game while you plant your sunflowers. But they take a long time to recharge so they're not that useful later on in a level. Also they are unneeded in the night levels when Puff-shrooms are there to do that job.
  • Snow Pea: 7.5/10. Slows zombies down but they only slow down one zombie at a time. After completing Adventure Mode, the Winter Melon becomes a good upgrade.
  • Chomper: 6/10. Big disadvantage in that it takes forever (42 seconds) to finish chewing a zombie. Not useful in most levels. Only useful after you get the Tall-nut and could be a decent choice for Roof levels.
  • Repeater: 9/10. Shoots twice the peas for only half the space. They're very important and even better when you use the Torchwood.
  • Puff-shroom: 6.5/10. Essential for the night-time levels because of the fact that it's free. But it's a very weak weapon with a very low range.
  • Sun-shroom: 9/10. They are much better than Sunflowers for night-time levels because they're much cheaper and you would be able to gain sun faster than if you planted Sunflowers.
  • Fume-shroom: 8/10. Fume-shrooms are practically useless in Adventure Mode, however, they become very useful in the Survival levels and certain mini-games.
  • Grave Buster: 7.5/10. Very important for Night (front lawn) levels or else you'll get outnumbered in the final wave and you can't plant your front-attacking plants (like Puff-shroom or Spikeweed).
  • Hypno-shroom: 6.5/10. Useful in the beginning of the game to defeat Football Zombies in Level 2-x. But becomes obselete later on when Squash is a cheaper, non-nocturnal alternative that can kill multiple zombies.
  • Scaredy-shroom: 7/10. It's extremely cheap for it being a long-ranged shooter. Great for Level 2-x but in Level 4-x you have other more important plants to use.
  • Ice-shroom: 7/10. Good for emergency situations at night when there are too many zombies on the screen and you don't want to use a Doom-shroom. Can be redundant when your defenses are strong enough.
  • Doom-shroom: 9.5/10. They can be a real life-saver in the Level 4-x Fog levels in the final wave when an overwhelming high number of zombies come to attack your relatively weak defenses. But one Doom-shroom can kill them all. Extremely powerful.
  • Lily Pad: 7/10. Essential for the Backyard (Pool and Fog levels).
  • Squash: 10/10. One of the greatest plants of all time. A very cheap plant that can kill a decent number of zombies or a very powerful zombie. Very important for emergency situations and a plant you should bring at all times.
  • Threepeater: 7/10. They're powerful but I'd much rather use Repeaters. Threepeaters are not necessarily good at defending side lanes and they are more expensive than Repeaters with a higher suns-per-pea ratio.
  • Tangle Kelp: 7/10. Works just like a single-use Chomper and is very cheap. Great for Dolphin Rider Zombies and Buckethead Zombies in the pool but can be redundant if pool lanes are well-protected by Tall-nuts.
  • Jalapeno: 9/10. Very useful for levels with the Zomboni appearing and great when you have one vulnerable row. And very nice against Gargantuars because it can kill both the Gargantuar and the Imp when it throws its Imp.
  • Spikeweed: 8/10. Great for the Survival mode levels when there are a huge number of zombies appearing at once. Great to use in conjunction with defensive plants or Snow Peas to prolong the damage. Unfortunately useless in Roof levels.
  • Torchwood: 8.5/10. If you are planning to use peashooting plants as your main offense, those are very powerful as they double the damage and even do splash damage to surrounding zombies. Main con is it can't be used with slowing plants.
  • Tall-nut: 9/10. A very powerful defensive plant. Stops vaulting zombies dead in their tracks, great to put in the middle of the pool lanes to thwart Ambush Zombies, and great for Roof levels.
  • Sea-shroom: 5/10. A very weak weapon with a low shooting range. Equivalent to the Puff-shroom but more annoying because its recharge time is way too slow. If a powerful zombie comes in, you're screwed when they get eaten and it takes forever to plant another one.
  • Plantern: 6.5/10. Good to remove the fog in Level 4-2 and 4-3, but becomes redundant once you get the Blover. You have to plant them close to the front to remove all the fog, but they're too vulnerable to be eaten and their recharge time is too slow.
  • Cactus: 4/10. Only useful for one level (4-3) and that's it. Easily superseded by the Blover which is cheaper and dispels all Balloon Zombies at once, and Cattail which can shoot at multiple lanes.
  • Blover: 8/10. Does a great combination in the Fog levels as they blow away fog and remove all balloon zombies at once. Also useful in Survival levels with Balloon Zombies.
  • Split Pea: 5/10. They don't do much against Digger Zombies. The Diggers will always eat one of your sun-producing plants before they are killed. It's much better just using a Jalapeno to kill the diggers or use a Squash after they ate your Sun-shroom. Even in Survival levels, Gloom-shrooms are a much better alternative where there are multiple Digger Zombies at once.
  • Starfruit: 6/10. Starfruits are very weird to use. They shoot in 5 directions but they don't shoot in the most prominent direction (which is straight). When placed properly they can be somewhat effective but they are very risky to use, and vulnerable. I'd much rather use plants that are consistent and shoot in a straight line.
  • Pumpkin: 10/10. They are absolutely essential in the Survival levels and very useful in emergencies when a valuable plant is about to be eaten and your instant kills are not available. They have the same HP as a Wall-nut but they don't require extra space. Very important for keeping front-attack plants such as Magnet-shrooms alive.
  • Magnet-shroom: 8/10. In night-time levels when your defenses are weak, those are very important when you have a high number of zombies carrying metal items. In the day they are usually redundant when you have strong weapons which can take those zombies out easily.
  • Cabbage-pult: 6/10. In the early Roof levels those are essential plants, but they become totally obselete as soon as you get the Melon-pult.
  • Flower Pot: 7/10. Essential plant for all Roof levels.
  • Kernel-pult: 6/10. They are inconsistent and can be unreliable. They can fling butter but at completely random intervals. Weaker than the Cabbage-pult but they don't become completely obselete.
  • Coffee Bean: 7/10. Great but not always necessary. They're too expensive for them to become a fixture in the daytime levels.
  • Garlic: 6.5/10. They are quite useless for the majority of the levels but can be very important for certain mini-games, namely ZomBotany and Seeing Stars.
  • Umbrella Leaf: 7/10. Useful in Roof levels with Bungee Zombies but that's about it. Good to defend against Catapult Zombies too, but those don't have a high HP and wouldn't get a chance to do much damage to your back row plants.
  • Marigold: 3/10. Completely useless as they don't help you fight zombies at all. Only useful for gold-farming scenarios in Last Stand.
  • Melon-pult: 9.5/10. The most powerful offensive shooting weapon in the game. The splash damage can be very powerful and is what makes it not only useful for Roof levels. The sun price is its only downside.
  • Gatling Pea: 7.5/10. The most powerful out of all the peashooting plants, especially with a Torchwood. The high sun price and slow recharge rate are its major disdvantages though.
  • Twin Sunflower: 8.5/10. They are usually redundant in Adventure Mode levels due to them being short, but can be rather useful in Survival Hard levels.
  • Gloom-shroom: 9/10. Does 4 damage per turn for all zombies within its 1 square radius. Very useful for Survival levels against Digger Zombies.
  • Cattail: 9/10. Very useful as helper plants in Survival levels. Very convenient as they can shoot all lanes and can defeat balloon zombies, but the spikes travel rather slowly.
  • Spikerock: 8.5/10. Very useful for Survival Hard levels with Gargantuars in them, as they can be very helpful in stalling Gargantuars when they try multiple attempts to smash it. Also useful for the high amounts of Zombonis in Survival Mode too.
  • Gold Magnet: 3/10. Just like the Marigold, useless in all situations except for Gold Farming.
  • Winter Melon: 10/10. Upgrade to the Melon-pult and what really makes this stand out is that it can slow down multiple zombies at the same time, making it a must-have for Survival Mode.
  • Cob Cannon: 6.5/10. Not a huge fan of it. It's extremely expensive and cannot be protected by Pumpkins, and is as equally as vulnerable as any other plant. It's much more worth it to just use instant kills such as Cherry Bombs.

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