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    This blog is my rankings for all the Plants in the Plants vs. Zombies game. I've ranked all the plants (except for Imitater which IMO is not really a plant) on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 meaning a plant I really like and 1 being a plant I really dislike.

    • Peashooter: 6/10. It's an important plant in the early Adventure Mode levels, but later on it becomes totally obselete. In fact as soon as you get the Repeater in Level 1-9 you don't need Peashooters anymore.
    • Sunflower: 9.5/10. Sunflowers are an essential plant for daytime levels or else you can't get any sun to plant other plants. Enough said.
    • Cherry Bomb: 8.5/10. Cherry Bombs are great for emergencies, as they can kill a large number of zombies. However, the more skilled you are the less de…
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