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  • I live in In Russia
  • I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is Student of secondary school
  • I am Female
  • Gogorikska

    Then now, I reciving emails about pages "Buckethead Zombie" and "Zombies on Your Lawn".

    I heard a lot about user Nazi Peashooter(did not remember number). Today I seen a user with nickname Hail Nazi Peashooter. I think, it's he. He is vandalyzed "Buckethead Zombie", CrazyPingu54 is undo his edits, thanks to him.

    So, maybe it need to be banned?

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  • Gogorikska

    Last time I am note then Potato Mine rechanges slower and slower. Is it normal or just a illussion?

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  • Gogorikska


    May 29, 2012 by Gogorikska

    I glad to see everybody here!

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