Ze title says enough...

Another blog for DA, yay!...

Since the last one was so inpopular, i am trying to revive it.

Note that this blog will only contain 3.0 and onward, ask Ernesto for the other versions. :p


What is a complete blog for a game without some screenshots of it? As a lot of people say, no pics no clicks.


Now here are the links for the game, thank you for reading this far.

This is currently the only version (apart from versions before it but i already explained above.)

If you downloaded it, thank you for playing my game.

If you read this blog, thank you for taking the time to read it.

If you liked the game, thanks! Might wanna explain how i could improve it?

If you disliked the game, sorry for your bad experience. :/ Might wanna explain how i could improve it?

Sneak Peeks

Now go play it and have fun! :D