• Gargantuar Blitzer

    I'll give you my honest opinion about you, while i'll answer questions you ask me.

    By the way, I just turned -9001 today and now will be going in long inactivity.

    Along with that, I got countless PvZH card ideas. One of them is Cob Cannon, the other is Cob Cannon. Did i mention there was a Cob Cannon card?

    I'll also be making a story about PvZ and you guys will be in it.

    did i mention cob cannon yet?

    Roast me!

    [this blog is a parody of every recent popular blog post type]

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  • Gargantuar Blitzer

    In this blog i list unusual/new things that happen when you max level/level up some pvz2 plants.

    Unusual things can be counted as new abillities, like knockback abillity not found at their level 1 abillities. Or general unusuallities.

    When leveled up, he gets a poison effect. At max level, his poison is about twice as strong as Level 1 Shadow-Shroom's.

    The unusual thing about this guy is - His damage, or range doesn't get affected. Only his health is increased and his sun cost gets lower.

    Along with much longer slowing effect, this guy is able to knock back zombies when leveled up. At max level, his knockback is about twice as strong as Level 1 Spring Bean's, and slightly stronger than Level 1 Chard Guard's.

    He can 1v1 Robo-Cones with ease now.…

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  • Gargantuar Blitzer


    October 1, 2016 by Gargantuar Blitzer

    NOTE: This blog is a joke... well, partially.


    i is gei

    i decide to leff cuz i fel like it

    also cuz discord sux potatoz

    i wunt to levv tis wiki diye and nut du nythin gainst it


    Seriously, remind me again why Discord made so many people leave?

    Jesus, if you complain about this wikia sucking because of something, try to do something against it?

    Well, okay, I am aware that i am saying this like it's able to be done with a snap of your fingers, but still.

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  • Gargantuar Blitzer

    friggin discord

    September 26, 2016 by Gargantuar Blitzer

    yes, the thing regarded as all-superior, all-great, all-godly

    look at how much trouble it has caused this wiki

    be proud of yourselves, people who pestered other people to join discord

    be freaking proud of it

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  • Gargantuar Blitzer

    please remind me again why chatmod requires 100 ms

    EDIT: and why people want to raise it even higher

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