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    80s new world

    July 9, 2015 by Gaming Center

    The upcoming world is called Neon Mixtape Tour. 

    So new plants that we know about are Cactus (premium) and Strawburst (premium). Cactus is a returning plant from PvZ 1. Strawburst costs 400 sun and Cactus 175. Cactus in PvZ 1 shots spikes at the zombies (same damage as peas) and destroys ballons. Since he is more expensive in Pvz2 (125 sun in PvZ 1) he might have some different and better ability (maybe bigger damage or somithing else). On the picture there is also ZTV Flag Zombie from 80s. 

    This is upcoming music for Neon Mixtape Tour:

    NOTE: I used real soundtracks from new world but mix is custom.

    When 3.8.2 comes out you might wanna know how to get pinatas earlier: PvZ 2: Pinata time edit

    This is u…

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