• GamerDude123

    Are you poor in the sense that you don't have money to buy those shiny upgrades for your plants? Are you constantly having your brains eaten because you don't have the money for Wall-nut Repair? I have the solution! Follow these steps and you can make money faster!

    Step 1: Get the Watering Can on level 5-4. Reason: Unlocks Zen Garden

    Step 2: Get some plants. Reason: They Drop Coins.

    Step 3: Water, Fertilize and make happy. Reason: They can be fed chocolate only of they are fully grown and happy.

    Step 4: Amass 10 Chocolate. Reason: Can be fed to Stinky and Plants.

    Step 5: Buy Stinky the Snail. Reason: Used if going AFK and can collect Coins faster.

    Step 6: Feed Stinky Chocolate (Must have at least 3 Happy Plants). Reason: Stinky Moves Faster and …

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  • GamerDude123

    Hi , this is my first Blog Post. I am writing this blog to talk about my Plants vs Zombies stuff. First, I am happy to announce that I made 3 fan fics! They seem to be getting positive reveiws by some guy named A Zombie.

    Question for this Blog Post: Do Plants have Brainz?

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