Eaten by the zombies
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    Encyclopedia fixed.

    April 19, 2015 by GWChamp

    The original page has LOTS of mistake, since I don't have the right to edit it, I'll post the correct thing here.
    This shows the exact damage, speed and any other numbers for Plants vs. Zombies.


    • All plants, even those that are invincible, are vulnerable to theft or explosions. The only exception to this is Coffee Bean.
    • Sun costs for upgrades do not include the downgrade's cost.

    Plant Image Health point Attack (per projectile) Range (grid) Function interval (sec.) Recharge time (sec.) Characteristics Sun cost
    300 20 full lane forward 1.43 7.5 Shoots peas at zombies. 100
    300 N/A N/A 24 7.5 Produces 25 sun about every 24 seconds. 50
    Cherry Bomb
    300 1800 1.5 N/A 50 Blows up all zombies in all square on or around it. 150

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