• Fx09

    I was just thinking why they haven't made it already. I personally liked the whole idea of Zombotany and it would be great if they made another one. It would be even better if it was a night level!

    Some of my Plant/Zombie hybrid ideas:

    • Threepeater Zombie - Shoots peas in three lanes at your plants
    • Snow Pea Zombie - Makes plants act, shoot and explode slower
    • Chomper Zombie - Stops walking and eats one of your plants, even Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts and Pumpkins! When digesting a plant, it can only use the basic close range attack.
    • Fume-shroom Zombie - Shoots through Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts and Pumpkins.
    • Hypno-shroom Zombie - When it touches one of your attacking plants, the attacking plant begins to attack your plants!
    • Ice-shroom Zombie - Like the Jalepeno‚Ķ

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