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April 2, 2011
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  • Frosty Plant

    To us plants fighting zombies has been really starting to annoy us a lot lately, really it has it's very annoying when a bunch of zombies show up then those also somewhat annoying humans stupidly look at us when this happens and they think that we're the only answer to solve this. Well it's called be brave and get a baseball bat or something and whack the zombies with it NOT planting plants into,well basically suicidal missions. I also think most of the zombies are also being sent into suicidal missions aswell so must of the time we kill the zombies but then those dim witted humans think that a peashooter with a pumpkin around it can kill fifty of those football zombies well that shows humans are really dumb and that would tear a pumpkin a…

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  • Frosty Plant

    What I like about Plants vs Zombies is that it is a very fun tower defense game.

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