Phat Beet isn't my favorite of the NMT Side A plants - that honor goes to Celery Stalker - but it's a close second. In this post I just want to discuss strategy options involving the plant and see if there's anything particularly useful about it that makes it stand out from the crowd. 

Phat Beet is a standard mid-range attack plant, comparable to BloomerangBonk ChoyRotobaga, and many others. At 150 Sun, it needs to be considerably more powerful than cheaper attackers like Peashooter and Cabbage-pult in order to be deemed useful. It has the approximate fire rate and damage output of a Peashooter; the difference lies in Phat Beet's range, which as you all know is in a 3x3 area. This means it can attack in three lanes at once, albeit with a pretty small range. 

This makes Phat Beet good as an early-offense plant in many levels. Two of them - one each in rows 2 and 4 - at the beginning of the screen will defeat any weak zombie that comes near them. Protecting them with a wall plant or Chard Guard will extend their usefulness, though it should be noted that Chard Guard will fling zombies outside of Phat Beet's attack range temporarily. Endurian has the potential to be a good combo with Phat Beet, although I myself still need to try this. 

Later in levels, Phat Beet might have trouble holding up without backup from other attackers. The problem is that as soon as a zombie gets within Phat Beet's range, it's not long before it will simply eat the Phat Beet - and tough zombies like Bucketheads will always win this Phat Beet-vs.zombie battle. The aformentioned Endurian strategy might help with this, but honestly, this problem is what inevitably hampers Phat Beet's credibility as a serious attacker. 

There are potential strategies involving Phat Beet and Sweet Potato - in fact, I'm sure there are a few here on the wiki - but I jsut don't think they'd be that good. I will of course do more testing with this plant, as it still interests me and is fun to attack with. Stay tuned to see if I come up with anything worth posting. 

Plant rating - Phat Beet: 5/10