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June 17, 2015
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  • Flying-casual

    I've been selected for the Jurassic Marsh Part 1 soft release, and after finally getting my phone to update it, I'm ready to play. I'm going to be posting walkthroughs on each of the Part 1 levels' pages, so stay tuned as those are published. At some point I'll probably also post a review/analysis of the update as a whole - stay tuned for that as well!

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  • Flying-casual

    Phat Beet isn't my favorite of the NMT Side A plants - that honor goes to Celery Stalker - but it's a close second. In this post I just want to discuss strategy options involving the plant and see if there's anything particularly useful about it that makes it stand out from the crowd. 

    Phat Beet is a standard mid-range attack plant, comparable to Bloomerang, Bonk Choy, Rotobaga, and many others. At 150 Sun, it needs to be considerably more powerful than cheaper attackers like Peashooter and Cabbage-pult in order to be deemed useful. It has the approximate fire rate and damage output of a Peashooter; the difference lies in Phat Beet's range, which as you all know is in a 3x3 area. This means it can attack in three lanes at once, albeit with …

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  • Flying-casual

    Anyone else underwhelmed by Lost City Part 2? 

    Don't get me wrong... I love Lost City, it's one of my favorite worlds. But I feel like it's gone downhill with the release of the second half. First was the shocking realization that I was gonna have to pay FIVE DOLLARS to get Toadstool. After that, it didn't seem like either of the "free" plants were anything to get excited over. 

    Stallia proved me wrong on that; it is a pretty good plant. But Gold Leaf is made a thousand times worse by the fact that it can ONLY be used in Lost City. And with 14 other levels to play that didn't result in any decent reward, I was in for a long haul. 

    Or so I thought. It turned out that the 16 levels in Lost City Part 2 are all really easy. I got through them all…

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