Oh Thank God testing is over. I now have my Final List of Helpers!

Main Admins-: Gregory Exploit, Me, AjCatlove ,Spudow! and MeVsZombiesMeWin. - Admins, not wiki admins but main people who will assist.

Assistance: RotomGuy, Snowtail, SuperGuy8, Peazrule00 and Zombie8888

- Will assist admins and edit as well

Wish List:(Special Helper if Could):Hardinero

- Help with Top 4

This is my Final List. The Top 5 has the most edits and Both Gregory and Aj have Admin and Counsilor status respectively. The Top 5 will help create special templates and effects. If Possible, I'd reccommend the Hardinero to help. Assistants also will help as well. They will edit and help plan out along with admins. If its possible list your country helpers and time usage so we can meet and chat to discuss about the almanac. Countries and locations go in the comments below. The Main Schedule for the helpers to edit will appear in the next blog. Thank You!

--Zombotany Away 22:12, May 19, 2012 (UTC)