Merry Christmas plants and zombies. It´s me here, wishing everyone a merry christmas. Sorry if i am late and early. Internet connections in my house failed severly so i am using a neighbor´s. Also, i am unavialable during the ball drop. During Christmas, Choir People including me sang in front of a huge audience. We sang Christmas spirits to everyone. Everyone were cheery and happy even a green hairy yeti i believe it´s called the grinch. We enjoyed the rest of the evening. Also, i am staying up to watch something called Product Z. It changes goo balls and the world. Wait.. wrong topic. We are staying up to watch the ball drop. We are celebrating something traditional. Anyways, Merry Christmas admins, contributors, plants, zombies, goo balls and everyone else! Also, Happy New Year. Feliz 2012. And even if he is not here anymore, even if he is the rudest, spammiest person in pvz wiki, Merry Christmas Tee888!

God Bless Everyone on this wiki! Have A grand celebration with your traditions!

--Zombotany Away 19:56, December 28, 2011 (UTC)