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Anniversary for Pokemon Black and White!

Hey guys and OMG! Today is the anniversary for the release of Pokemon Black and White in the US! That was one great 5th generation and they are going to make a sequel! Pokemon Black and White2! They have a new form for Kyurem.I can't get a picture but see it on Bulbapedia. To honor this magnificent game, I'll list a couple fun facts of Pokemon. Leave comments about what is favorite starter, Legendary etc, in Black and White. Also put some battles in Black and White in the Comments. Good Bye and........LUEROI!

--Zombotany Away 02:45, March 7, 2012 (UTC)

Every day i'll try to look for facts. I'm really stressed so here is one for starters.

Fun Facts:

Lisa Courtney has the record for the Largest Pokemon Memorabilia.
Rhydon was the first pokemon ever created.

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