• FarmerBob12

    The end state of my configuration usually ends like this:

    In round 1, I start with two rows of Twin Sunflowers in the back, and a single row of [[Kernel-pult]s. Then I work on getting a Melon-pults in row 4, and the three magnet-shrooms in row 5. I use Potato Mines and Pumpkins/Squash to stop anything that reaches the front lines.

    In round 2, my goal is to finish the twin sunflowers, upgrade one row to Winter Melons, three rows of melon-pults (replacing the kernel-pults), and get Umbrella Leaves up in row 5 (and possibly row 2 if Bungee Zombies are present). From here to the end, I begin using the explosive plants as needed.

    In round 3, I plant a Gold Magnet. This is optional, but I'm lazy. Also keep only a single umbrella in row two and swap…

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