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Time Twister Achievement Ideas

Ervinke44 August 15, 2015 User blog:Ervinke44
  1. The End? - Unlock the new world, Time Twister!
  2. Brother in Arms - Defeat a level using Thunder Pea and Lightning Reed.
  3. Bananas in Arms - Defeat a level using the Banana-pult and Banana Launcher.
  4. Mythical Mistery - Defeat a level using only the Mythical Melon.
  5. Are we there yet? - Unleash the Time Twister Gargantuar.
  6. Old Times - Defeat a Time Twister level using only Peashooter type plants to defeat zombies.
  7. The End. - Battle the amazing Zombot Twister-tron 2000

Theese were my Achievement ideas for Time Twister! Hope you liked them.

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