Hello! Im making this blog now, just to tell you guys i've seen some pictures about a world that will come out in October of 2015. It might not be real but its called: Mystic Forest. <--- Or something like that.

About the world: Plant Ideas:

1. Apple Bomb - Sun Cost: 75 - Explodes if you tap on it, has a little explosion radius. Plant Food: It will create 3 copy of itself in a random place.

2. Spring Leaf - Sun Cost: 100 - Acts like the Spring Bean, but it makes zombies fly away when stepped on it, and it has more time to wake up. Plant Food: Jumps in the air, and falls down making 4 random zombies fly away from the screen.

3. Artichoke - Sun Cost: 125 - Acts like the Venus Flytrap from PvZ: Online, a.k.a Makes itself longer and wraps himself around a zombie's neck making it to choke to death. Plant Food: Acts like the Bamboo Shoot from PvZ 2: Chinese

4. Tile Rocker - Sun Cost: 300- Acts like the Tile Turnip, but summons a taller rock that is better than the Tall-Nut. Plant Food: Makes the Tall Rock to be on fire, to attack zombies while they are chewing - You can only get this plant with 109 Gems.

Zombie Ideas: There might be basic zombies dressed up as Robin Hood, with Green colored Buckets and Cones. My idea for one new zombie type is Brain-zan, an alternate version of the Relic Hunter zombie, he's speed is "Hungry" and his damage is "Normal". He is kinda tall, just like the zombie that pushes frozen Yeti Imps.The mini-boss zombie can be the Mystic Forest Gargantuar, He will smash the plants with a Mystic Staff, that looks like the Mage zombie's staff, but its green instead of purple. Oh, i almost forgot, there might be Archer zombies. The imps can be Mystic Imps, using some kind of Magic powder to teleport to a random location, but he is stunned after teleporting, for 1.4 seconds. There can be a zombie named "The Groom" , He is stronger than the other zombies but slower, and he appears randomly, a.k.a rare. And its a refrence to an other game's achievement.. And zombie! Oh, an other thing: The Groom has a green TopHat.

Achievement Ideas:

1. Robbin' the Hood - Defeat the Mystic Gargantuar.

2. Zach, no magic! - Defeat a Mystic Imp befour teleporting.

3. Apple Revenge - Defeat 5 Zombies at once with the Apple Bomb.

4. T'ill Death... - Defeat The Groom.

5. Go-Go Power... Turnip? - Have 7 Tile Turnips planted in 1 Level.

6. Rocking-Awesome - Have Tile Rocker planted in all lanes at least once.

Challenge Zone Idea:

1. Mystic Forest's Forgotten Graveyard -

Improvments: There is a new tile called: Rock Tile, basically you cant plant on that tile. Only with "flying" plants, like the Rotobaga and the Ghost Pepper. - Instead of Parachute Rain, Bot Swarm, and Raiding Party, there will be a:

"Brain-zan-pocalypse" , that summons a Brain-zan in all lanes.

I think thats all i can say now. If i know more, then wait t'ill i update this! P.s. My english sucks.