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Ervinke44 August 15, 2015 User blog:Ervinke44

In this Blog Post im gonna tell you guys about some plants I came up with, that I would love to be in game! Note, that some of the ideas might be a fake concept that I stole from other contents. Note, that this may cause SPOILERS for the future content if possible!


  • Thunder Pea - 175 Sun - Obtainable after Time Twister Level 1 - Shoots peas that zap zombies. A thunder pea can damage multiple zombies at  a time, dealing some damage. Plant Food: Shoots 3 giant thunder peas that does massive damage, and that does 5x5 even massive splash damage. May kill Basics, Imps, Coneheads instant
  • Nana-pult - 100 Sun - Obtainable after Time Twister Level 4 - Lobs bananas that is deadly to imps, a.k.a one shot kill. Plant Food: Magically turns into a fully loaded Banana Launcher.
  • Mythical Melon - 275 Sun - Obtainable by spending 149 Gems in the Store - Shoots Mythical Melon Seeds at zombies every 15-25 seconds. The seed may turn zombies into friendly zombies. Plant Food: Magically transforms every zombie into friendly on screen. 
  • Juce Trap - 25 Sun - Obtainable after Time Twister Level 7 - Traps a nearby zombie in his juce trap. Vulnerable while consuming. Needs 25-30 seconds or more to use its powers again. Plant Food: Will trap 3 random zombies on screen.
  • Purplapple - 100 Sun - Obtainable after Time Twister Level 14 - Purple Pineapple type that is a defensive plant, and blows up in a 3x3 range upon death. Its defence is at the HP of a Infi-nut. Plant Food: Gives him a tiny armor, and a bigger explosion on death. 4x4 Range. more damage.


  • Oxygen Algae - 25 Sun - Obtainable after Underwater Castle Level 1 - Helps non aquatic plants to breathe underwater in a 3x3 area. Plant Food: Maxes the amount of oxygen tiles. Special: Cannot be used in other levels.
  • Sea Dragon - 100 Sun - Obtainable after Underwater Castle Level 4 - Breathes weaker and blue version of fire from Snap Dragon. Breathes much faster than Snap Dragon. Plant Food: Makes him breathe on his whole lane, That may kill every types of zombie in one kill, exept Gargantuars.
  • Whirlplant - 25 Sun - Obtainable after Underwater Castle Level 7 - Creates a Whirlpool in instant use in a 3x3 area. Zombies who step in the 3x3 area slip in the middle, and they die. Plant Food: None. Special: Cannot be used in other levels.
  • Splunge - 100 Sun - Obtainable after Underwater Castle Level 12 - Sponge plant that aborbs water in a 3x3 Radius. Aquatic zombies cannot breathe in it, They slowly die. Non Aquatic Plants can breathe on the 3x3 radius. The absorbation lasts for 20 seconds only.


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