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My Top 10 Best Plants in Both PvZ 1 and 2 Games!

Ervinke44 August 15, 2015 User blog:Ervinke44

Soo, i've been thinking of making this blog to tell you people what are my favourite plants in both PvZ games! But first, what I want you to do is tell me YOUR best and favourite plants in both games!

Plants vs. Zombies

  1. Cob Cannon
  2. Imitater
  3. Winter Melon Pult
  4. Melon Pult 
  5. Gatling Pea
  6. Cherry Bomb
  7. Torchwood
  8. Marigold
  9. Snow Pea
  10. Twin Sunflower

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time!

  1. Fume-shroom
  2. Puff-shroom
  3. Citron
  4. Cactus
  5. Imitater
  6. Sun-shroom
  7. Cherry Bomb
  8. Torchwood ( Plant Food )
  9. Power Lily ( Plant Food ) ( Yes, There is a Plant Food effect for the Power Lily )
  10. Marigold ( Plant Food ) ( This plant is obtainable if you do stuff in the files of the game ) ( The plant food ability for the Marigold in PvZ 2 gives you 5-10 Silver Coins and then the plant dissapears )

I hope you have more plants for PvZ 2 that is you'r favourite!

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