Hello! Im making this blog just to tell you guys a little world idea, just for fun.

Name: The Forest

Description: The forest, a deep dark place in the middle of no where, where time and age is unknown, and mystic plants and zombies can be discovered. Beware!


Rock Tile - Cant plant on it, Only flying / floating plants.

Challenge Zone: -The Big Mean Bush

Levels: 20 ( 10th level is Gargantuar, and 20th level is Zomboss )


1. Berry Shooter - Cost: 125 Sun - Shoots Berrys at targets, that deals 2 damage, and looks like Peashooter with berrys on it. Plant Food: Rapid fires 30 Berrys at targets. Recharge: Fast

2. Hazelnut Bush Squad - Cost: 175 Sun - Similar to the Hazelnut Bush Squad from PvZ 2: China. Plant Food: Does exactly the same. ( a.k.a Bascially its a PvZ 2 English version that does the same as in PvZ 2: China. ) Recharge: Sluggish, Damage: 0.5 each every hazelnut.

3. Saturn Peach Bomb - Cost: 200 Sun - 109 Gem - Explodes if Tapped on it, in a 5x5 range. Recharge: Sluggish , Plant Food: Makes him able to shoot little versions of himself, that deal 5 damage. And still explodes if tapped on it. (Note: Explodes in a small range if a zombie bites it) 

4. Emoti-Leaf - Cost: 125 Sun - Shoots 2 emoticons at zombies, that deal 2 damage each. Recharge: Fast, Plant Food: Similar to Threepeater's PF ability, but lesser time.

Upgrades durning the playtrough:

+1 Seed Packet Slot - Gives 1 more seed slot

+1 Happiness - Gives faster powers for all sun-producing plants.

+1 Master-Shovel - Gives an other shovel type that gives the cost of the sun back, but it can only be used once in a level.


10 in 5 - Kill more than 10 zombies with the Hazelnut Bush Squad's PF ability. - 500 XP

Saturn Glory - Kill more than 20 zombies with the Saturn Peach Bomb. - 2,000 XP

Emoti-venge - Plant at least 5 Emoti-leafs in one level, and have them kill at least 5 zombies. - 500 XP

Berry Blast - Have the Berry Shooter and Strawburst work together. - 500 XP

Zach, No magic! - Kill a Staff Imp, befour he teleports. - 1,000 XP 


Robin Zombie - Dressed up as Robin Hood.

Robin Archer Zombie - Dressed up as Robin Hood, and has a bow. Shoots plants with arrows, that deal half of the plant's defence damage.

Robin Imp - Dressed up as a mini- Robin Hood.

Staff Imp - Teleports on random tiles, dressed up as a mage.

Robin Gargantuar - Squashes plants with a giant "Bow" that is missing it's string. Dressed up as a giga Robin Hood.

Zombot Robin-tron 9000 - Final Boss that looks like a HUGE Robin Hood, (Similar from the First PVZ game Zomboss. )


Berry Shooter - Top hat and Monocle

Hazelnut Bush Squad - Golden Bow tie

Saturn Peach Bomb - A "Paper Smile" on mouth.

Emoti-Leaf - Top hat and Monocle.

Well, that was all of my ideas for this world, Note that this is a Mystic World copy, that is also made by PvZ//2. Shoutout to him. As always ,see you guys next time. Stay tuned for moar Ideas! Bye :P