This is my first blog on this beutiful Wiki of my favourite game on planet: Plants Vs. Zombies 2! In this blog im proudly presenting ideas for the game , such as Zombies, Plants, Minigames, Worlds, and its Improvments! Lets start of with World Nr.1!

Rainy-Windy Industries (Part .1)

+16 Levels, +3 New Plants, +7 + 1 New Zombies, 1 Challenge Zone, and 1 Minigame!


-Wind sometimes happen , and some plants cant handle it. For example if you plant a Dandelion, and a wind comes in, Their "bombs" will float towards the zombies, such as the cool looking effects for the "Dandi-Blover" (a.k.a Using a Blover and a Dandelion creates magic)      -Wind sometimes blow away stupid zombies.    -New Tile! There are many levels wich they have rain tiles, if none, then it can be simply created by the rain itself, if the Raincoat Pogostick Zombie jumps on a rain tile, The rain will spread to the plants, and it will stun them for 5 seconds, making them not to do its things.

+7 + 1 New Zombies:

-Raincoat Zombie: A basic normal zombie with a robe and a rain hat. "Its really hard in here" says he. "The wind always brains me away" And then everyone is looking at him confused, on what he said "accidently".

-Raincoat Conehead & Buckethead Zombie: Two basic zombies wearing a yellow painted bucket and cone. "Noone will know that this is not a rain hat!" says both of them very evil style, as they go and show their creation, that kinda looks stupid.

'-Raincoat Imp: 'Imp wearing a mini raincoat, and is thrown by the Rain Moster, 'k'nown as the Raincoat Gargantuar''''''. "Im tiny... And im afraid, that I will die in water! Wait a second. Im already dead! I hate myself" says he, with a very sad voice, and then he goes and jumps off a cliff... Not really.

-Rain Monster or Raincoat Gargantuar: Monstruos Zombie dressed in a robe and a rain hat, After damaged heavily, he throws a Raincoat Imp. "Im heavy" says he. "And im not afraid! Im not afraid of anyth-" he sees a litte cuddly cat, and he runs away, torning off all the zombies in his way "I'm afraid of thoose little monsteeers!"

-Raincoat Umbrella Zombie: Basic Umbrella Zombie that is similar to the Screen Door Shield Zombie, and that can not be shooted by normal plants, he can only be damaged from pults. He walks to the other zombies, saying "Im so smart, I can hold this and plants can not attack me! Brain Powaa-" Right... A wind comes, and he flies away, shouthing: "aaaaaaa.. Brains, Noooooo" ( They are affected by the wind too )

-Raincoat Pogostick Zombie: Pogostick Zombie that can jump over lowered defense. If this zombie lands in a rain tile, the rain on the floor will splash toward the plants, making them stunned, and unable to use their powers. "Im back!" says he. "Im back from the dead... And im just like the raincoat imp, says stupid things, like "Dead".. Cause im already Dead, Damn it!" says he as he takes his pogostick and slams it to his head, making it come off.

-Part 2 Zomboss: B-Rain Monster Zomboss 2000: Rainy-Windy Industries Part .2 Final Zomboss. It looks like a Mechanical Brain, with glasses, and a Mouth-type thing, that pukes "rain" at plants, making them unable to use their powers.

+1 Challenge Zone:

-The BRainy Downtown: Challenge the Amazing, but Annoying Raincoat Zombies in the BRainy Downtown! They wish you luck, but they say you might NOT survive.

+3 New Plants:

1. The Holding Radish - Sun Cost: 0 - : When planted, He acts like a Tile Turnip, and when in groud, creates a 3x3 Area. If you plant on that 3x3 area with an other type of plant, thoose plants will not fly away from the amazing powers of the wind. Plant food effect: Makes it have a 5x5 Area instead of 3x3.

2. Bubble Flower - Sun Cost: 125 -: Sends out really weak bubbles to a zombie in front of it. Bubble is slowly.. Really slowly damaging the zombie, But also, Slows the zombie down. Similar to the Bubble Flower in the PvZ 2: Online series from the New Underwater World. Also, Cause of the wind, the bubbles rarely fly away as they are floating towards the zombies. Plant food effect: Sends out a bubble to 5 zombies on the field.

3. Flower-POW - Sun Cost: 200 - : Short ranged flower that acts like a Yoyo. This plant hits the zombies really hard, and an Instant kill can happen to a zombie not so rarely. Plant food effect: Similar to the Bonk Choy, but in a different way.

+1 Minigame!

Dandi-lover or Blove-lion: A little minigame where you have to tap on the Blovers to activate themselves, so they can blow away the Dandilion's "bomb seeds". About the minigame: When you see a zombie, tap on the Blover, and you're in business! But thoose seeds might not go in the right direction, also wind can blow them away too rarely. In the minigame you can upgrade your Blover and your Dandilion. For Example: Upgrade Nr. 2 for the Blover: Your Dandilion seeds will go even faster cause of the blowing power (No dirty pun intended, dont think like a pervert) , also faster recharge for the Blover. And for an Other Example: Upgrade Nr. 2 for the Dandilion: The seeds do more damage, so the faster speed of recharging, just like at the Blover. You need suns for Upgrade. In the minigame you rarely get sun from sky, You get 150 Sun by a Zombie kill. First Upgrade Cost for both of the plants are 300 Sun.

When first entering the minigame: - Crazy Dave: Oh, a New Minigame! Isn't that just "Dandi", neighbour? - Penny: You and your puns never get old, User Dave. - Crazy Dave: You're right, Penny! Now neighbour, tap the back of that Blover, and you're in business, Like i said... 7 worlds ago! Remember, in Ancient Egypt! - Penny: I wanted to tell the new User on what to do, but thats good too.. Do what he said, New User. - Crazy Dave: The "he" has a name too, Penny! -Penny: ... - They both dissapear and you start the minigame.

Well, That was it at the moment, I might add more to this list, so behold, more ideas..! Later. I hope you enjoyed this world idea, i came up with the zombies, the world, and everything that you see in this idea, exept the Bubble Flower. Stay tuned, and talk to you guys later.