Hello! This is my second part of the Book'o'Ideas! If you didnt read Part 1, Basically all i do is tell 15 or more plant ideas. I hope you enjoy reading theese. And, I hope you would rate them in the comments. Note, that if you see plants that are already in a PvZ game, dont tell that 'Dude, thats already in a game -.-" Cause i know. But i maybe have an idea for it for PvZ 2. Also: Im not English - Again, sorry if i say something wrong. This book has only 13 Ideas, cause i ran out of em. This part contains Achievement ideas.

16. Garlic Drone - Cost: 75 Sun - Shoots peas at enemies and flies away if an enemy is near. Plant Food: Makes 2 copy of himself on a random tile. -Opinion: Meh.

17. Doom Shroom - Returning - Cost: 200 Sun - Cost: 109 Gem - Explodes if tapped on it, Killing half of the Lawn, and leaving an exploded tile, that reforms after 20 seconds. Plant Food: Similar to Strawburst's PF Ability, a.k.a Makes a Giant Doom-shroom, and destroys everything on lawn. -Opinion: OP

18. Money-on - Cost: 300 Sun - Cost: 2.00$ - Generates silver coins every 10 second. Plant Food: Generates 1 Gem, and some Gold Coins. -Opinion: OP.

19. Pop-eye-a - Cost: 200 Sun - Papaya type, that launches 2 eyes at zombies. It may be creepy, but deal with it. Deals 2 damage, and 6 if Extreme lucky. Plant Food: Turns into a 1 eyed Alien, and shoots 3 big eyes that go trough all targets on lawn, dealing 12 damage. Opinion: Creepy as hell.

20. Aloe Vera - Cost: 150 Sun - Spits soap at zombies, every fifth spit is a soap liquid rain. Plant Food: Has glowy effects and powerfuler attacks for the rest of the level. Opinion: Soapy does it.

21. Fun-Guss - Cost: 150 Sun - "They call me Guss... Fun-Guss...". Close range mushroom that has the ability to shoot confetti at zombies, dealing 2 damage. Plant Food: Same as Lord Bamboo's PF Ability from PvZ 2 China. Opinion: Gotcha on the name pun.

22. Icy Guava - Cost: 175 Sun - Leaves an ice tile when a zombie is 1 block near. Zombies slip and lose their head. Every zombie is instant kill exept Gargantuar, and very fast zombies. Plant Food: Same as Lava Guava, but instead of Lava, and tiny gap, makes a much bigger gap, with water inside, that makes zombies drown. Opinion: Fair enough.

23. Pear - Cost: 100 Sun - Cost: 65 Gem - Stomps on a zombie , and regenerates every 15 second. Plant Food: Makes 3 copy of himself on a random tile. Special: Zombies cant eat it. Opinion: Kinda OP, but cannot crush more than 5 Zombies.

24. Ginseng - Cost: 175 Sun - Sneezes on Zombies every 2 second, and is a defensive plant that has the health of a Wall-nut. (5 Hit to kill a zombie, and Is Close range. ) Plant Food: Gains armor, and makes a Mega Sneeze that goes trought 5 target, and is similar to the PF ability of the Coconut Cannon. Opinion: Meh.

25. Lemonade Spitter - Cost: 325 Sun - Squishes itself , and spits out lemonade acid, that kills a weak zombie instantly, ( Spits every 7-10 Second ) Plant Food: Similar to the Lemonade Acid in Chinese Version, a.k.a Makes it rain Acid. Opinion: Too much cost.

26. Beans of Bomb (?) - Cost: 150 Sun - Has a bigger radius than the Cherry Bomb, but slower Recharge time. Plant Food: None. Opinion: A little bit OP.

27. Spike Reed - Cost: 100 Sun - Shoots spikes from its head every 2 second, and 7 hits needed to kill a weak zombie. Plant Food: Summons a cloud that will make spikes to rain. Opinion: Meh. 

28. Peashooter Gadget - Cost: 175 - Shoots peas in 4 ways, while spins around. Plant Food: Really fast spinning, and rapid shooting. Opinion: OP, But cannot hit a zombie easly. 


1. Stompin All The Way - Crush at least 5 zombie at a time with the Pear.

2. Hard Time - Kill atleast 1 zombie with the Peashooter Gadget.

3. My... Beans!! - Waste a Beans of Bomb, killing nothing.

4. Too Overpowered - Use 5 Plant Food on a Moneyon on a single level.

5. His name is Guss - Kill more than 5 zombies with Fun-Guss' Plant Food ability.

6. Creepy Revenge - Kill more than 10 Zombies With the Pop-eye-a's Plant Food ability.

7. Dont fly away! - Make a Garlic Drone to stay on the lawn on a single level. And killing more than 10 Zombies with it.

8. 20 Below Doom - Kill more than 20 Zombies with the Doom Shroom.

9. Ice and Easy - Kill more than 5 Zombies with the Icy Guava.

10. Make it rain! - Kill more than 10 Zombies with the Spike Reed's Plant Food ability.

11. Lime-on-aids - Plant a Lemonade Spitter very close to the zombies.

Sorry if you got insulted by some of the puns or stuff like that, But still, i hope you enjoyed theese ideas, Stay tuned for Book'o'Ideas part 3!