Hello! This is my Book'o'Ideas! I basically write 15 or more plant ideas that i came up with! I have a book full of ideas for PvZ 2, So im gonna start off with it right now!

1. Smelly Bean - Cost: 75 Sun - Basically acts like the Garlic in the First, and in PvZ: Online game. Plant Food: Will make him deadly for the rest of the level, a.k.a Zombies die instead of going in other lantes

2. Mangoo - Cost: 125 Sun - Close ranged Mango , that will spit goo to Zombies, dealing 2.0 Damage. Plant Food: Similar to the Small Jalapeno from PvZ: AS a.k.a Spits goo in all tiles on his lane. Goo will stand like lava created by Lava Guava.

3.  Grape Pult - Cost: 150 Sun - Pults Grapes that deal splash damage crossed ways. Plant Food: Shoots 3 Giant Grapes in 3 random tiles, dealing massive splash damage.

4. Ice Turnip - Cost: 0 Sun - Creates a slippery ice tile, zombies will slip if step on it, and die. The Tile lasts for only 15 Seconds.

5. Rose-alina - Cost: 125 Sun - Shots rose spikes every 2 second, that go trought 2 more targets. Plant Food: Rapid Fires like Peashooter's PF ability, but at last, a Giant Spike that goes trought all targets in the current lane, that deals 12 Damage, basically a Basic Zombie insta-kill.

6. Avocado - Cost: 350 Sun - Tap on it to fire Avocado nuts, that go trought 3 targets, dealing 5 Damage. Plant Food: Shoots 5 Giant Avocado Nuts, that explode at the end of the lane.

7. Stunion Pult - Cost: 150 Sun - Hurls stunions over obstacles, making enemies getting stunned by a splash damage for 10 second. Plant Food: Acts like the Kernel-Pult's PF ability a.k.a Pults stunions to all targets on the lawn.

8. Sap Acid-Fling - Cost: 250 Sun - Flings acid to zombies, making them slow, and making them die. Creating an Acid-Tile for 10 seconds. Plant Food: Has Sap Fling's PF ability.

9. Poison-Shroom - Cost: 75 Sun - Sacrifices himself for other plants. If zombies bite it, they get poisoned and die. This plant has 5 bites befour dieing. Plant Food: Creates 2 copy of himself on a random tile.

10. Harpunion - Cost: 150 Sun - Shoots two harpoons at an Enemy, reloads after 5 second, and deals 10 damage each harpoon. Plant Food: Makes the harpoons powerful, and has a small chance for zapping enemies, for the rest of the level.

11. Viol-ence - Cost: 100 Sun - Makes every zombie sleep on the lawn for 10 seconds, instant.

12. Ray Bean - Cost: 200 Sun - Shoots 4 weak rays every 6 seconds. Deals 6 Damage, and 12 Damage needed to kill a weak zombie with this plant. Plant Food: Shoots Powerful Rays for 10 Second.

13. Obisidan Spike - Cost: 350 Sun - Kills a weak zombie in 3 hits if stepped on it. Destroys 11 or more, if lucky- Rolling objects, and becomes weaker. Plant Food: Acts like the Spikeweed and Spikerock, making zombies stunned for 10 second too. 

14. Coco-Nut - Cost: 225 Sun - Coconut type that shoots bowling coconut balls, and acts like a wall nut. Plant Food: Gives him armor, and launches a huge bowling ball that destroys every target in 1 hit exept gargantuars. 

15. Devil Fire Peanut - Cost: 275 Sun - Has better defence than the original PeaNut, and shoots Fire Peas. Plant Food: Makes its lane on fire, just like the Fire Peashooter, and gives a Stronger Armor.

Well that was it for now. I might make an other one. Remember, this was Part 1. I hope you enjoy it, Please do not add hate comments i really worked hardly on theese ideas. Your the best! Stay tuned for moar.