So here are my ideas:

  1. Stalking Frenzy! - Have a Celery Stalker killing 5 zombies on a single level.
  2. Off the Shiny! - Defeat the Neon Mixtape Tour Zomboss.
  3. Un-Beet It - Survive a hard level in Neon Mixtape Tour without using Phat Beets.
  4. Thyme-Ception - Rewind 10 zombies all at once using the Thyme Wrap.
  5. Turnip the Beet? - Have a Phat Beet planted on a Tile Turnip.
  6. Glitter Ownage - Kill a Glitter Zombie in one hit.
  7. Beet It - Complete a level using Phat Beets only to kill zombies. --(Concept / Real)
  8. Volume up to 16 - Unleash the Neon Mixtape Tour Gargantuar --(Concept / Real)
  9. Head Banger - Use a Magnet Shroom to defeat the Punk Zombie --(Concept / Real)

I hope you liked my Achievement Ideas for Neon Mixtape Tour PvZ 2!