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  • My occupation is (was) creating Seed Packets for People.
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  • Ervinke44

    Book'o'Ideas - Part 3

    August 22, 2015 by Ervinke44

    Finally, This is my third part of the Book'o'Ideas! I definetly hope that you will use some of them!

    Starting off, with some extremly basic plants:

    1. Tomato - Cost: 175 Sun - Tomatos are a really good plant, but some people think they are not very useful. Tomatos spit some kind of goo in 4 tiles ahead of him, that if zombies step on it, it damages them slowly with 1 normal damage. It's like a Sap Fling copy, but in a different way. Plant Food does the same as Sap Fling. The recharge is slow.

    2. Apple Bomb - Cost: 50 Sun - Apple Bombs explode if tapped on it, Damaging zombies in a 3x3 radius cross shape. Plant Food will make him create two copies of himself on a different tiles. The recharge is slow.

    3. Stompear - Cost: 150 Sun - Basically, it's …

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  • Ervinke44

    In this Blog Post im gonna tell you guys about some plants I came up with, that I would love to be in game! Note, that some of the ideas might be a fake concept that I stole from other contents. Note, that this may cause SPOILERS for the future content if possible!

    • Thunder Pea - 175 Sun - Obtainable after Time Twister Level 1 - Shoots peas that zap zombies. A thunder pea can damage multiple zombies at  a time, dealing some damage. Plant Food: Shoots 3 giant thunder peas that does massive damage, and that does 5x5 even massive splash damage. May kill Basics, Imps, Coneheads instant
    • Nana-pult - 100 Sun - Obtainable after Time Twister Level 4 - Lobs bananas that is deadly to imps, a.k.a one shot kill. Plant Food: Magically turns into a fully loaded…

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  • Ervinke44

    Soo, i've been thinking of making this blog to tell you people what are my favourite plants in both PvZ games! But first, what I want you to do is tell me YOUR best and favourite plants in both games!

    1. Cob Cannon
    2. Imitater
    3. Winter Melon Pult
    4. Melon Pult 
    5. Gatling Pea
    6. Cherry Bomb
    7. Torchwood
    8. Marigold
    9. Snow Pea
    10. Twin Sunflower

    1. Fume-shroom
    2. Puff-shroom
    3. Citron
    4. Cactus
    5. Imitater
    6. Sun-shroom
    7. Cherry Bomb
    8. Torchwood ( Plant Food )
    9. Power Lily ( Plant Food ) ( Yes, There is a Plant Food effect for the Power Lily )
    10. Marigold ( Plant Food ) ( This plant is obtainable if you do stuff in the files of the game ) ( The plant food ability for the Marigold in PvZ 2 gives you 5-10 Silver Coins and then the plant dissapears )

    I hope you have more plants for PvZ 2 that is you'r favourite!

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  • Ervinke44

    100th Edit! Yay

    August 15, 2015 by Ervinke44

    So I just reached my 100th edit! Not Mainspace edit.. Pfffh, I wish! Im soo happy! I dont care if nothing happens if i have that many edits, but Woohoo! :P

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  • Ervinke44
    1. The End? - Unlock the new world, Time Twister!
    2. Brother in Arms - Defeat a level using Thunder Pea and Lightning Reed.
    3. Bananas in Arms - Defeat a level using the Banana-pult and Banana Launcher.
    4. Mythical Mistery - Defeat a level using only the Mythical Melon.
    5. Are we there yet? - Unleash the Time Twister Gargantuar.
    6. Old Times - Defeat a Time Twister level using only Peashooter type plants to defeat zombies.
    7. The End. - Battle the amazing Zombot Twister-tron 2000

    Theese were my Achievement ideas for Time Twister! Hope you liked them.

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