Since I'm going to school and gonna be less active.

New plants!

  • Pencil Sharpener Plant - This plant shortens pencils from Pencil Pusher Zombies and likes to be called PSP.
  • Stand up for yourself-pult - Stands up to Bully Zombie.
  • Dumb-shroom - Makes zombies stupid and counters Nerd Zombie.

New zombies!

  • Teacher Zombie - Regular teacher at school.
  • Teacher Conehead Zombie - Regular teacher at school wearing a cone on his head.
  • Teacher Buckethead Zombie - Regular teacher at school wearing a bucket on his head.
  • Student Imp - Regular student at school.
  • Bully Zombie - Makes you feel bad playing this world and takes your lunch money (coins).
  • Nerd Zombie - Outsmarts you.
  • Pencil Pusher Zombie - Pushes your plants back with a pencil.
  • Principle Gargantuar - Large zombie which can suspend you from school.