aka Who cares about my name?

  • I live in The Edge of Reality
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is aspiring video game developer
  • I am Human?
  • Epicpokemaniac

    So, In my spare time I write poems... here's an example:

    Wings of Wonder

    I'm soaring, gliding through the air

    gazing at unknown lands below.

    I see mountains, valleys, deserts, cliffs,

    and things I'll never see but there...

    I fly higher and higher

    As I let my mind wander

    and explore old lands of lore.

    As bad as it seems,

    I'm never sad to leave

    'Cause I can always soar in my dreams...

    I'm flying over lands of yonder!

    I'm flying with my wings of wonder!


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