Plants vs Zombies: 3D

"Isn't that just PvZ GW?", you might ask. Yes, you're right, but it's more tower defensed than ever. It would be similar to Plants vs Zombies, Plants vs Zombies 2, Plants vs Zombies Adventures, and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare all mixed into one. Well, it is, and it's awesome!


As the story continues after PvZ2, Dave recovers his taco, saves the world from the rip in space time that was spewing zombies(which he caused by time traveling too much), and is currently enjoying his time just hanging around.

UNTIL, he finds out that Dr. Zomboss already had been raising an army, everywhere. All over the world, the zombie population grew and now it's up to you, Dave, and Penny to defeat a world of zombies. Dr. Zomboss left them a message telling them that he's hiding in his lab and its up to this trio to make their way there having to stop for a day so that Penny can charge via the sun.

Game Details

All around the world different hazards of the land will present different problems to the player who must adapt to. These are resistance bases in which survivors remain in and thus the zombies are attracted to them, as well as you, as you run around planting you can be caught. Some of the plants give off the scent of brains, engineered by scientist in order to have them as an barrier to protect humans from zombies. All plants are available to plant at all times and the player plants them by using their Sun Organizer Device, or S.O.D. for short. Player cashes in their sun power to spontaneously grow plants. Plant food can be purchased or found in other places. The player has a radar on their screen, thanks to Penny, in which the player can see the area and track for zombies. Their character has a backback i which they carry most of their tools such as their S.O.D., shovel, money bag, plant food, and most importantly, seed packets. Time is much more realistic and the amount of sun that your S.O.D. collects varies on the time of day, which means it can be morning, midday, afternoon, evening, and the most dreadful, night. You can only plant on dirt variants and you must use pots to plant on other land materials. You use your P.O.D.(Plant Operator Device) to control plants that require directions from you.


Plant Details

  • Plants can now rotate at a full 360 degree angle.
  • Each plant has two to three circular areas surrounding it: It's minimal space required to plant and either it's range to fire or it's zombie attracting range if it's a defensive plant.
  • Pots are not plants, but actual pots that are required to be purchased. Plants that are potted can be moved around.
  • Mushrooms also sleep during the day once more.
  • Damage is defined by DS's (Damage Shots)
  • Recharge is in seconds
  • Sun Production is a value per second
  • Range is an circular area defined by the radius in meters.
  • Health is defined by HP (Health Points)

Zombie Details

  • Zombies don't come down a specific path
  • They can attack from ANY direction
  • There are obstacles
  • Hazards change as you move along along the map to different ressistance bases
  • But most importantly, you don't have to plant on certain tiles, only as long as it's on grass and plants don't touch each other

I have not decided if this should be a real time game in which players all over the world fight the zombies.


  • Your Home: The most basic since no real hazards besides night exist.
  • The City: Smog is introduced which you must use Pollenator to clean up the air, Blover or Hurrikale to bow it away. Oil spills are also introduced and you cannot plant on them, even with a pot.
  • The Beach: Water is introduced and you must use Lily Pad to plant wherever the water reaches. 
  • The Canyon: Temperatures are extremely hot and you must keep your plants well hydrated.
  • The Jungle: Obstacles are much more prominent and zombies can easily hide behind these. Sun is also more scarce and much of it is blocked by the canopy of trees.
  • The Mountains: Straight shooters struggle to hit zombies and catapults are most effective here due to the drastic angles of the crests and troughs.
  • The Lab: Scientists have been researching more high tech plants and power circles.
  • The Marsh: Mostly consisting of water, you must rely on Lily Pad to plant most of your plants. In addition, fog is introduced which makes visiblity extremely low.
  • The Forest: Straight shooters struggle since many obstacles are present and different strategies must be used for defense.
  • The Glacier: Temperatures are extrememly low and you must use Hot type plants that emit heat waves in order for plants to survive. Land segmenets also move so that must be taken into account.
  • The Field: Several ways for a zombe to get to your base
  • The Cave: Completely dark thus no sun

Sun Mechanics

During the day, your S.O.D. collects suns and a cool animation of yellow translucent ribbons of light flow into your S.O.D.. From dawn to dusk, the rate at which sun is naturally collected differs depending on the time of day. Midday is when sun is collected the fastest and night is when no sun is collected. Sun cost remain the same as of PvZ 2.


You can team up with your friends to create a small neighborhood, clan, or resistance base to fend off the zombies.

Your Home

  • Peashooter: (100 sun / Range: 10 / Recharge: 5 / Damage: 2 / PF: Fires 50 peas)
  • Sunflower: (50 sun / Recharge: 5 / Sun Production: 5 / PF: Creates 150 sun)
  • Potato Mine: (25 sun / Recharge: 30 / Range: 1 / Damage: 100 / PF: Creates two more potato mines; all of them are primed)
  • Wall-nut: (50 sun / Recharge: 50 / Range: 3 / HP: 80 / PF: Restores original health and doubles it)

The Canyon

  • Leek: (25 sun / Range: 6 / Recharge: 5 / PF: Doubles its range) Hydrates plants when the climate's extremely hot
  • Cactus: (150 sun / Range: 20 / Recharge: 10 / Damage: 2 / PF: Fires 50 needles) Targets enemies that have burstable tools or remain in the back
  • Lighning Reed: (125 sun / Range: 10 / Recharge: 10 / PF: Shocks all zombies in its range) Fires lighting bolts that arc towards other zombies creating a chain
  • Tall-nut: (125 sun / Range: 3 / Recharge: 30 / PF: Doubles its health) Tilts a bit sideways and blocks thrown zombies
  • Chili Bean: (50 sun / Range: 3 / Recharge: 50 / PF: Creates two more Chili Beans) Upon being eaten, zombie instantly dies from gastrointestinal distress and creates a cloud behind the vanquished zombie that stops zombies; lasts from 10 secs
  • Homing Thistle: (250 sun / Range: 20 / Recharge: 15 / Damage: 4 / Fires 50 homing thistles) Shots curve around obstacles

The Beach

  • Lily  Pad: (25 sun / Range: 1 / Recharge: 5 / PF: Spawns Lily Pads all around it) Creates a platform for when the water rises
  • Bananarang: (200 sun / Range: 10 / Recharge: 10 / Damage: 2 ea. / PF: Lauches 50 bananas) Throws bananas in an arc that hit multiple zombies before returning to Bananarang
  • Guacodile: (150 sun / Range: 10 / Recharge: 10 / Damage 2 / PF: Launches three mini Guacodiles at different zombies) Rushes zombies when bitten and can be planted on water
  • Umbrella Leaf: (100 sun / Range: 5 / Recharge: 20 / PF: Doubles its range) Blocks incoming projectiles as well as provides shade
  • Bowling Bulbs: (250 sun / Range: 10 / Recharge:10 / Damage: 2, 4, 6) Fires five  2 DT bulbs, then three 4 DS bulbs, then one 6 DS shot; each bounce off a zombie at an angle
  • Tangle Kelp: (25 sun / Range: 1 / Recharge: 30 / Damage: 100 / PF: Drowns five zombies closest to it) Drowns zombie upon contact
  • Crabgrass

The Forest

The Cave

  • Glow-shroom: (25 sun / Range: 15 / Recharge: 10 / PF: Doubles its range) Illuminates its area
  • Sun-shroom: (25 sun / Recharge: 5 / Sun Production: 2.5, 5, 7.5 / PF: Grows to full size and produces 200 sun) Gets bigger and produces more sun over time; sleeps during day
  • Puff-shroom: (0 sun / Range: 5 / Recharge: 5 / Damage: 2 / PF: It and all other Puff-shrooms fire rapidly for a few moments) Sleeps during the day
  • Fume-shroom: (75 sun / Range: 5 / Recharge: 10 / Damage: 2 / PF: Blows back zombies as well as deals high damage) Affects all zombies in that area
  • Hypno-shroom: (75 sun / Range: 1 / Recharge: 50 / PF: Now when its eaten, the zombie becomes a gargatuar)

The Mountains

The Field

  • Rewheater: (75 sun / Range: 1 / Recharge: 60) Revives the plant that was last alive on that spot; insta-use
  • Bamboom: (400 sun / Range: 15 / Recharge: 30 / Damage: 7 / PF: Fires at everything in its range in a clock-wise way) Rains down damage in an area between intervals
  • Fire Gourd: (200 sun / Range: 5 / Recharge: 20 / Damage: 2-60 / PF: Sets everything on fire right in front of it) Charges and the longer you let it take, the higher the damage
  • White Radish: (75 sun / Range: 10 / Recharge: 30 / HP: 40 / PF: Doubles its range) All plants including itself in its range cannot be pushed or pulled)
  • Heavenly Peach: (125 sun / Range: 5 / Recharge: 20) Heals plants in its area
  • Corn on the Mob: (500 sun / Range: 15 / Recharge: 40 / Damage: 100 / PF: Fires off two missles) Co-ordinate a missle strike on your P.O.D.