This page lists all zombie enemies.


The most simple of the most simple. No other attributes.


Bite: Bites an enemy for 2 damage. Can only be done when it still has its arm.

Conehead Zombie

The second of the most simple. Its cone protects it from aerial attacks.


Protects from aerial attacks. Ignored by others.


Same as Zombie enemy.


Cone Throw: Loses his cone by tossing it at an enemy but deals 4 damage.

Jester Zombie

A classic clown. Too much year 900?


Tomato Storm: Jester Zombie makes the crowd toss LOTS of tomatos at one enemy, dealing 4 damage. However, there is a 50% chance that the people in the crowd will be total TROLLS and toss the tomatos at the Jester instead of the enemy. Side effects are becoming dodgy.

Spearman Zombie

Zombies carrying spears. They usually always have them in a vertical position, meaning that aerial attackers will get hurt.


Spear Throw: The Spearman Zombie tosses a spear at a single enemy, dealing 3 damage points. It seems that they have an unlimited supply.

Spear Charge: Charges with the spear against one enemy. Deals 4 damage.

Buckethead Zombie

The highest position a normal zombie can afford. Their buckets protect them from a lot of aerial damage.


Protects from aerial attacks. Ignored by others.


Same as Zombie enemy.

Town Clown

A clown that is loved by the town. It is stronger than a normal Jester Zombie and their spiked helmet will change your thoughts about clowns being useless.

Town Clown

The clown itself.

Spiked Goofy Helmet

As the name says, spiked. Doesn't really protect from enough damage, but, you sometimes need to go where the pay check is.


Weaker, medium-sized gragantuars that resemble their bigger counterparts.


Smash: Their only attack. Deals 5 Damage.


Level 3


Those are Zkeletons, dead fighters that came from the underworld. Unlike Zombones, this one's bones ARE joined by dark matter! You will have to deal full damage to them, but luckily enough they won't revive. Their weaknesses are fire, electricity and explosions, so pack da bombs, and get ready to face one of the undead warriors that once walked in the Dark Ages!

Max HP: 12

Avrg. Attack Power: 5

Defense: 4


Bone Throw: A classic, isn't it? Deals 5 damage.

Summon: Zkeletons can summon 1 Boonerang or 3 Zombones for aid.

The Great Bone Throw: They will only do this with 5 or less HP remaining. Deals 5 damage to ALL players. Pretty tough guys.