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RPG Endless Survival: The End of the World/Suburban Almanac/Special and Default Moves

This page lists the moves everyone has by default in the beggining of the game, incluiding those learned after getting the Precious Stone Statue at the end of the chapter.

Please note default moves may be changed for a single player after getting special gear.

Default Moves


Player guards for 1 turn, reducing 1 damage point. This number may change with special gear.

Do nothing

Does nothing in the turn.

Run away

Pay 5 zombucks to escape battle. Rewards won't be earned and there is a 20% chance it will fail, wasting money and a turn in the process.

Item Moves

Learnt by getting a special item.

Grab & Toss

For 2 BP, you will grab a small enemy and toss it at another, dealing damage, and without taking it.

Special Moves

This moves required SP and are learned by getting a Precious Stone Statue.

Happy Healing

Restores 5 HP, BP, and cures any dementrial statuses.

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