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Elite Wizard Zombie

Level 4

10/10 HP, 10/10 BP, 1 of 1 SP, 100 Sun, 25 Zombucks, 56/70 XP

​Rank 0

Lottery Pick: -

Offensive 1: Horrifying Leeching

Deals 3 damage to 1 enemy, and Iama gets healed for half the damage dealt.

Poisonous Leeching

Deals normal damage, and Iama doesn't get healed in the main attack. Instead, the target gets poisoned, and Iama gets healed by the damage dealt during the poisoning. Costs 2 BP.

Offensive 2: Demonic storm

Deals 2 damage to all enemies, recovering Iamarepeater half of the damage dealt. Costs 2 BP.

Supportive 1: Curse of Zomboss

Curses alll enemies. Any player who attacks any of these cursed enemies will recover 10% of that player's max HP. Lasts for 2 turns, cost 3 BP and has 4 turns cooldown.

Supportive 2: Deadly Power Up

Gives a boost of 3 damage points for the next 3 turns to anyone. Costs 3 BP to use and effects do not stack up, meaning it cannot be used again on the same player until the current effect ends.


Bowling Bulb

Level 8

13/20 HP, 18/20 BP, 1 of 1 SP, 175 Sun, 589 Zombucks, 186/220 XP

​Rank 0

Lottery Pick: -

Offensive 1: Bulb Bouncer

Shoots a bulb which does different ammounts of damage. 3 for Aqua, 4 for Blue, and 5 for Orange. Bulbs bounce to the enemies to the left and right. Only attacks ground and near ground.

Supercharge Shot

Shoots an explosive bulb which does more damage depending on the bulb. 5 for Aqua, 6 for Blue, and 7 for Orange. Costs 2 BP. Ricochet'd enemies receive the same damage as bulb bouncer.. Considered explosive move and clears fog.

Bluw of Wind

Makes one of the bulbs spin so fast, the initial target gets blown away by the wind caused by the speed. The ricochet'd enemies receive normal damage. If the initial enemy survives the wind, it will receive the same damage as supercharge shot. Costs 2 BP. Enemies blown away give bonus XP.

Defensive 1: Spin Out

Dashes infront of an ally or just for himself and works exactly like counter. Lasts until Bolt-Weed decieds to stop. He can still attack after stopping. He can't attack while spinning, and it consumes 1 BP every turn. Unlike the normla counter, this one's damage may be affected by items or special moves.

Supportive 1: Crush Medic

Launches one of the bulbs at an enemy and heals a chosen player or him for the damage done. Costs 2 BP.



Level 4

10/10 HP, 10/10 BP, 1 of 1 SP, 100 Sun, 24 Zombucks, 57/70 XP

​Rank 0

Lottery Pick: 4884

Offensive 1: Electric Shot

Uses the electricty of the pole to damage 1 enemy for 3 damage and damaging the enemies to the left and right for 1. Prioritizes metal. Piercing.

Ice Zap

Ice variant of the move. The main target gets frozen for a certain amount of turns (in addition to damage) and the enemies to the left and right get slowed down (and hurt, too). Costs 2 BP.

Offensive 2: Smash

Smashes 1 enemy with his pole, dealing a massive 8 damage points, but costs 4 BP.

Power Smash

Powerful variant of the move. Deals 10 damage for 5 BP.

Defensive 1: Swipe

Prepares to swipe. Does the same as "counter". Costs 1 BP.

Supportive 1: The Light

Telephone pole transforms into a street light, lighting the place if it's dark and healing 20% of max HP to everyone. Has 3 turn cooldown and street light is ignored by enemies.


Pea pod

Level 7

15/15 HP, 25/25 BP, 1 of 1 SP, 100 Sun, 85 Zombucks, 160/175 XP

​Rank 0

Lottery Pick: -

Offensive 1: Peashoot 

Shoots 1-5 peas based on the number of heads to 1 taget. Each pea does 1 damage.

Offensive 2: Giant peas of death

Turns into a giant peashooter and shoots from 1-5 peas based on number of heads to a single target. Each big pea does 3 damage. Costs 4 BP.

Flaming Peas of Death

With firepower, each head deals 3 more damage. Costs 8 BP.

Defensive 1: Cover up

Covers up heads for 1 turn, reducing damage dealt by 2. Costs 1 BP.

Supportive 1: Pea drainer 

Shoots a poison pea to 1 enemy, which deals 1 damage when shot and poisons the target for 3 turns dealing 1 damage each turn. A selected ally or him also heals by the damage dealt. Costs 3 BP.


Wildfire Stump

Level 7

16/20 HP, 15/15 BP, 1 of 1 SP, 100 Sun, 572 Zombucks, 167/175 XP

​Rank 0

Lottery Pick: 6632

Offensive 1: Coldflame

Deals 3 damage to any enemy. Slows down the target and has 25% chance of freezing it.

Frostfire Flame

Deals normal damage, and burns the taget. Also has a chance of freezing it. Costs 1 BP.

Offensive 2: Flame Mortar

Shoots flames that damage all enemies from above for 3 damage and deals afterburn damage. Has a cooldown of 1 turn.

Defensive 1: Wildfire Shield

Creates a shield around any player that prevents anything from coming in; you cannot be healed nor take damage. Lasts until the next turn. Costs 1 BP.

Supportive 1: Flame Burst Boost

All players except Cooler gain a boost of 2 attack during thier next turn. If they decide to not use a offensive move in thier next turn, the bonus will be saved until they use a offensive move. Cost 3 BP. Effects don't stack up.



Level 2

15/15 HP, 5/5 BP, 1 of 1 SP, 100 Sun, 53 Zombucks, 22/25 XP

​Rank 0

Lottery Pick: 7196

Offensive 1: Seed Spit

Shoots a seed at an enemy for 3 damage.

Offensive 2: Snapple

Gets mad and bites all ground and near-ground enemies for 2 damage. 1 turn cooldown.

Defensive 1: Spice Up

Becomes spicy, acting exactly like "counter". Costs 1 BP. Can be affected by items.

Supportive 1: Guacodrill

Spins like a top and takes half of all damage an ally takes (rounded up) until the next turn.



Level 4

15/15 HP, 8/10 BP, 1 of 1 SP, 100 Sun, 48 Zombucks, 62/70 XP

​Rank 0

Lottery Pick: 0337

Offensive 1: Spore Spit

Shoots a ranged spore that damages any enemy for 3 damage.

Offensive 2: Spore Trap

"Traps" (Doesn't stun it) any enemy for 2 turns, and in said time, it takes 2 damage (piercing) each turn. Costs 1 BP.

Defensive 1: Spore Wall

Creates a wall around him that has 6 HP. Lasts until destroyed. Has a 3 turn cooldown.

Supportive 1: Spore-Stun

Stuns any enemy for 3 turns. Costs 2 BP.

Fishy Gaspar


Level 1

10/10 HP, 5/5 BP, 1 of 1 SP, 100 Sun, 20 Zombucks, 0/10 XP

​Rank 0

Lottery Pick: -

Offensive 1: Damaging Wind

Shoots a burst of wind that damages any enemy for 3 damage.

Offensive 2: Storm

Deals 5 damage to the strongest enemy on-screen. Has a cooldown of 1 turn.

Defensive 1: Windy Barrier

Creates a barrier that absorbs 50% of the damage until the next turn. Costs 1 BP.

Supportive 1: Hurricane

Stuns all enemies on the screen. Has a cooldown of 3 turns.


Blockhead Zombie

Level 1

9/10 HP, 5/5 BP, 1 of 1 SP, 100 Sun, 25 Zombucks, 0/10 XP

​Rank 0

Lottery Pick: -

Offensive 1: Ice Hammer

Deals 3 damage with a melee magic hammer and pierces defense.

Offensive 2: Icicle Strike

Deals 5 damage and has a chance of freezing the target. Costs 2 BP.

Defenseive 1: Frozen Shield

Creates a shield around him that absorbs 15 damage but is vulnerable to any piercing attacks.

Supportive 1: Walrus Call

Calls a walrus minion that can be sent to attack all foes for 3 damage or can be mounted by one ally for extra defense lasting a few turns. Both moves make the walrus dissapear. Has a 1 turn cooldown.