This page lists players considered inactive. Inactive players don't get rewards and aren't attacked by enemies. They are technically treated as if they weren't there. Their stats and attacks are stored here in a similar way to the storage.

The Zombie O.O

Future Zombie

Level 1

2/10 HP, 4/5 BP, 0/0 SP, 0 Zombucks, 5/10 XP

Offensive 1: Shodds Lasors

Fires a few Stormtrooper lasors. Deals 3 damage to an enemy. Ranged attack.

Offensive 2: Holo-Flag Whack

Whacks an enemy with a flag, dealing 4 damage, and having a chance to stun the enemy. Costs 1 BP.

Defensive 1: Holo-Flicker

Turns into a hologram for 2 turns, causing 50% of attacks to miss him. This is identical to the "Dodgy" status. Costs 1 BP.

Supportive 1: Metal Craze

Gives a random teammate a Robo-cone suit, reducing damage taken by 1, and increasing damage dealt by 1. However, they can be hit more often due to it's slow speed, and it does not effect any teammate which is already on a vehicle or is too big. Lasts for 3 turns, and costs 2 BP.