Lists gear found until now.

Mega Rush

When HP is 1, power goes up by 4. Costs 1 EP to activate.

Near-Death Experience

Whn you are hit by an attack that deals at least 90% of your total health and it kills you, you will end with 1 HP. Equipping another of this will make said number go up by one and so on. Costs 2 EP to equip.

Note: To prevent easy peril player strategies, if an instant-kill attack is used on the same player (with this gear equipped) over and over again, it will only work the first time. If 2 are equipped, the first attack will leave 2 HP, the second one 1 HP, and the third one will kill the player. If three are equipped, first one will leave 3 HP, and so on.

Neuron Hero

Decreases the BP of every move of that player by 2. Please note it won't make a move free. Costs 8 EP to activate.

Lucky Start

Causes either a beneficial effect on the player or a dementrial effect on an enemy. Lucky Start is based on a Paper Mario Badge of the same name. However, this lucky start has weaker effects, costs less EP, and can be bought in normal gear shops for a low price. To get it working as better gear, more have to be equiped. Costs 1 EP.


Adds research to that player's list of default moves. Can be done infinite times. Costs 1 EP.

HP Plus

Boosts max HP by 5 to the one who uses it. Costs 5 EP to activate.

Power Parasite

When an ally is in danger, the power points of the one who uses this go up by 1. Costs 2 EP to activate.

Slow Brain Recoverer

Restore 1 BP every turn. Costs 5 EP to equip.

Zap to the Tap

Electrifies you forever. Costs 3 EP.

Power Rush

When the player is in danger, attack rises up by 2. Costs 1 EP.


Adds charge to your default moves. For 1 BP, you can add 2 extra damage points the next attack. Having many of these equipped costs more BP, but you charge for more damage. Costs 1 EP to equip.

Master Thief

Adds "Steal" to your default moves. Allows you to steal items and gear from enemies. Costs 1 EP.

My Lucky Day!

Enemies have a 33.33% chance to miss when attacking. Isn't that just like, you ate a 4-leaf clover? Costs 7 EP to equip.

Pretty Lucky!

​Enemies will have a 20% chance to miss when attacking when this gear is on. Costs 4 EP to equip.

Take It Back!

Adds Counter to your default moves. Counter costs 1 BP. Costs 1 EP to equip.

Close Call

When the player is in danger, enemies have a 25% chance to miss when attacking. Costs 1 EP to equip.

Power Plus

Adds 1 point of damage to all attacks of the one who equips it. Costs 10 EP.