The phone call for night 1 on FNAPVZW. Nothing really important.

"Hello? Hello? If you picked up the phone, chances are you made a poor career choice. Anyways, let's get started with your new job at the amazing plants vs. zombies wiki facility! Uh, first, I need to notificate you about you know the admins? 1000 edits, powerful, great, ring a bell? You've probably already heard about the bots that were implanted into them as part of the new generation of editors...uh, well...let's get straight to the point: They are malfunctioning and now the admins act aggressive towards low staff members and old users. They interact with new users and other admins just fine, but when they see another user, they just...become evil. Now, this may sound like a problem, but there is really nothing to worry about. You can use your monitor to keep track of them, and remember to shut the doors if you hear someone heading towards your office. BUT, there's a small problem: The doors have  window. and if an admin sees you through one of those, you are dead meat. They will disable the doors. The solution? You have your own someone456 head! When an admin bangs at your door, put in on, and eventually anything that wanders in, will wander back out. Also, it's a nice detail that you have your own reprogramming light! Use it if the doors just don't do it for you, but please keep in mind it has limited power. Oh, another thing, you can remotely turn on and off the lights of every room with your monitor, so don't worry about the place going dark. This may also help you scare away incoming admins. Uh, one last thing, see the vents on both sides of your office? The doors and mask won't work for them, so you must use the light for this case. Good night and good luck."