This is just a blog post I made for fun. They are the lyrics of a song that complains about Mondays. I'm not the original creator of the song. I just ripped borrowed the lyrics.

PD: It's a parody of that Friday song.

7 Am waking up on the floor

it's quarter till 8

and I have a headache

gotta have my bowl

gotta have tylenol

gotta get dressed

gotta feed my DOG

ticking on and on

everybody's rushing

gotta get down to the bus stop

gotta chatch my bus

I see mah FRIENDS

sitting in the backseat

no one in the frontseat

gotta make my mind up

which sit can I take?

It's Monday, Monday

I wanna sleep in on Monday

But I can't because I have to go to school, school

Monday, Monday

Waking up on Monday

Everybody knows how this is so uncool

writing a 10 page ESSAY

Reading boring books all DAY



all I wanna do is sleep IN~