Another rippof of a song by another dude. Parody of that last friday night song.

There's a chicken in my bed

Blurru pictures in my head

toothpaste all over the sink

ketchup covering my feet

Maybe I should take a bath

dust the shelfs and clean the mat

But who's living room is that?

I don't remember where I'm at

Videos-Last-night-ended-up on my


Oh well

There's-a-blacked-out-blur places where we were


Last monday night

we drank lots of mountain dew

and played modern warfare 2

we even took out all our shoes

last monday night

Yeah we drove our flying cars

eating tons of choco bars

listening to bruno mars

last monday night

we were swimming in the pool

doing what we thought was cool

we broke all of the rules

last monday night

neighbors tried to call the cops

no one said we are gonna stop