Welcome! Here you will learn the basics of playing Five Nights At Plants Vs. Zombies Wiki!


First things first, you need to know the plot behind the story:

The Friday 15th of December of 2017, the wiki was crowded by lots of new users, most of them people who were underaged back in 2015. To satisfy the lack of admins (as some were demoted), the technician Gwaine -who was using bots to control his activity- gave some of this bots to the most important admins. However, over time, this bots started to fail, and the admins started to act agressive towards low staff members and old users without positions in the staff (they interacted with new users and other admins just fine). You get a job as a night guard to make sure no vandals or spammers get to the wiki. However, only few people knew the admins would wake up at night to attack the people there, and it's too late when you start your job: The admins are ready to kill you. You start the shift the Monday 17th of September of 2018, and despite evident danger and the chance to abandon the job, you eventually finish safe and sound the Friday 22nd. In this game, you must avoid the admins known as "adminatronics" to finish the job as said and win.

General Info

You can check between 26 cameras to keep track of the adminatronics' movement. When you hear someone in the halls, you can either use your reprogramming light (it has limited power, though) or shut the doors. However, the doors have a window where the admins can see you. The admins will bang 1 or 2 times before doing so. When they see you, they will disable the door, resulting in a game over. To prevent this, you must use your Someone456 head, which will fool them on thinking it's another admin. Please note this mask should ONLY be used when an admin is at the door. Using it with said door open or if an admin is coming through a vent won't fool them. To prevent admins that come from vents, use the reprogramming light. Additionally, you can turn on and off the lights of the rooms remotely with the monitor.


You must know who you are trying to defend yourself from. I will list the adminatronics and important info about them.


Everyone's old favorite! He starts at the discussion area. He then heads towards the office through the left door. He is rather slow, and when he is near, you will hear this crawl:

Brainulator's Crawl

Unlike other adminatronics, this sound is also heard when he crawls through the vents. Also, flashing him with the room lights will make him go twice as fast.


Starfruity appears in the discussion area along with brainulator and enters your office via the north vent. He has a short path and normal speed, but he is easy to counter. Room lights will stun him.

Miles Prower

Miles is an annoying fox that will always reach your office when your shift has barely even started. He starts at the dining room and will enter your office from the east. The reprogramming light will get rid of him but if you have time, try just using the room lights.

Buzzy Buzz

Buzzy starts at the Help Stand. He will enter your office from the west. When he approaches, you will hear this buzz:

Buzzy's Buzz

Room lights will make him go faster.

Ninja Penguins

Ninja Penguins starts at the help stand along with buzzy. He enters your office via the south vent. He's quick, but not a real trouble.


Ninja5Bot AKA bot is my personal favorite. He starts at the robot room and will enter your office via the north vent. Only room lights and *ocassionally* the reprogramming light will scare him away enough. He cannot disable the doors. He cannot be flashed with the reprogramming light while he is a vent, due to the positioning of his face in order to crawl through. When he is near, you will hear robotic footsteps and static:

Robot Footsteps
Bot's Static

Zombie Ninja

Zombie Ninja is really tricky. He starts in the Restrooms (don't ask why). Like foxy from the first game, you must keep an eye on him from time-to-time. Once he scapes this place, he will turn invisible and make his way towards the office. To prevent him from doing this, you must use the room lights.

Carp The Fish

Carp starts in the blocking cell. Like The Puppet, you must keep the Warning Box winded up. If he scapes, he will enter your office from the left. Closing the door on said place will prevent him from entering, but he will enter at the smallest chance. He cannot disable doors. His footsteps are the same as Bot's.


He starts in the event room. He is VERY slow; however, he cannot be countered. To keep him away, you must use the room lights, which will stun him.


Gwaine is like BB. He starts in the experimentation room. He will disable the doors and room lights when he reaches the office. To keep him away, you must use the room lights. However, he sometimes puts on a mask that will protect him from said lights. He ignores the doors.

Protection Methods

Here you will learn about the things that help you fend off those admins.

Reprogramming Light

Often abreviated as R. Light, the R. Light is some sort of flashlight. It's not used for lighting dark places. Instead, you can use it when an admin is near your office to scare it away. They are the only way to scare the admin that come through the vents. This light has limited power; and each flash will consume 3% out of 100%. The light won't work in the halls when the door is closed, as it prevents the light from passing through.

Room Lights

Only usable with the monitor. The room lights consist of turning on remotely the lights of a room. You can only have this light on when the monitor is focused on said room. This lights do not consume power and cannot be used for vents. It works in halls with less effectiveness.

Someone456 Mask

This is NOT like the freddy mask. This mask is to be used with the doors, as the admins will look through the windows of said doors, and seeing your face will make them disable them. So, since the window is small and cuts most of their view, the mask is for fooling them. The mask won't work against an admin in the hall with the door open or an admin that comes from a vent.


Normal doors that feature a window, like said before. They will prevent Carp and Bot from entering, but Gwaine will ignore them. Any other admin will first bang at the door 1 or 2 times before they see you through the window and disabled the door, resulting in a game over. When a door is shut, you won't hear the sounds coming from its respective hall.

Warning Box

It is used to keep Carp away. Each wind will fill 4 stages out of 16, but it consumes 15 minutes.

Notes & Tips

General info about the game and some tips!


Keep in mind that whenever an admin is crawling through a vent, you will hear a sound with or without the monitor, so don't worry.


Like vents, you will hear sounds. However, please note that with the one or both doors closed, you won't hear anything coming from the respective hall of said door.


Brainulator shouldn't be a problem. He's easy to control. Just avoid using the room lights on him. When you hear his crawl, shut both doors. If you still hear him, flash both vents.


Almost the same as brainulator.

Miles Prower

Shut the right door at the beggining of the night or flash lih. Do this constantly.

Buzzy Buzz

Just a normal adminatronic.

Ninja Penguins

Flash the vents when you hear crawling.


Use the room lights on the robot room at the beggining of the night. Later, do this again in the east hall. Repeat constantly.

Zombie Ninja

Check on him every once in a while to prevent him from scaping. If he does, then flash with the room lights all the rooms around the restrooms.

Carp The Fish

Wind the box once in a while.


Flash him with the room lights from time-to-time.


Flash him with the room lights from time-to-time.

Sound Files

Lists sound files you might hear in the game. Ones that were shown above won't be repeated.



Vent Crawling

Vent crawling.




Rasing the monitor.

Lights On

Room lights on.

Lights Off

Room lights off.

Lights Out

Reprogramming Light running out of power or Gwaine disabling the room lights.

FNAPVZW Title Screen

Title screen.

Warning Box

Warning box in a safe stage.

Warning Box Yellow

Warning box when the yellow warning appears.

Warning Box Orange

Warning box when the orange warning appears.

Warning Box Red

Warning box when the red warning appears.

Carp Unleashed

Warning box when the player fails to keep it winded up and carp leaves.

Door Knock

Knocking on a door.

Door Bang

Banging on a door.

Shut Door

Shutting a door.

Open Door

Opening a door.

Door Disable

An admin disabling a door.


Putting on the head.


Breathing with the mask on.


An admin is near the player.