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Dr Crzzy Dave is illuminati

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I hope you brought a cloth with you because,

we are going to spit out some sh*t.

Dr Crzzy Dave

Dr has two letters

There are two z's in crzzy

2 +2 = 4

There are 4 letters in Dave

4 + 4 + 8

Dr Crzzy dave is gay.

Homophobes hate gay people.

Homophobe has 9 letters.

There is one eye in the illuminati.

9 - 1 = 8

We got an 8 before.


I didn't think so.

8 + 8 = 16

Triangles have three sides.

The illuminati are represented by a triangle.

A triangle. 1 triangle with 1 eye.

3 + 1 = 4

16 - 4 = 12

Gay has 3 letters

12 - 3 = 9/3 of the triangle equal 3.

There are three sides in a triangle.

Dr Crzzy Dave is illuminati confirmed

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